Best Prenatal Vitamins

Best Prenatal Vitamins - #bestprenatalvitamins #prenatalvitamins #pregnant

Best Prenatal Vitamins

If you are trying to conceive or already pregnant, you NEED to be taking prenatal vitamins. So…what are the best prenatal vitamins?

Well, here I have compiled some of the top selling prenatal vitamins as well as my personal choice!

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Best Prenatal Vitamins in Pill Form

1. One a Day Prenatal Vitamin softgel

One A Day prenatal vitamin softgels are our top choice for a number of reasons. For one, they are easy to swallow.

Secondly, they have a lot more vitamins and minerals than most other prenatal vitamins ensuring you are providing the best for your unborn child.

Thirdly, they only require you take one pill a day, which really helps especially in the first trimester when keeping things down can be challenging.

2. Spring Valley Prenatal multivitamin/multimineral tablets

Best Prenatal Vitamins - #bestprenatalvitamins #pregnancy

The runner up for the best prenatal vitamins is Spring Valley Prenatal multivitamin/multimineral with Folic acid. They are in tablet form and so they don’t slide down your throat as easily as the soft gels.

These prenatal vitamins also only require you take one a day to receive the necessary vitamins and minerals for you and your baby.

3. Nature Made Prenatal Multi + DHA

Best Prenatal Vitamins - #bestprenatalvitamins #pregnancy

The third best prenatal vitamins are Nature Made Prenatal + DHA Softgel, 110 count soft gels. Again, soft gels are a lot easier to swallow.

They are also one of the best sellers on Amazon and

This prenatal vitamin, like the first two, only requires taking one pill every day.

4. Pink Stork Total Prenatal + DHA

Best Prenatal Vitamins - #bestprenatalvitamins #pregnancy

The next best prenatal vitamins are Pink Stork Total Prenatal + DHA. They have a vanilla scent to help make it less horrible to swallow.

Many people who have reviewed this prenatal vitamin like that it is a lot easier to stomach and doesn’t give as bad of side effects.

So, if  you are already having trouble stomaching your prenatal vitamin, this is the option for you!

The only drawback is that you have to take two every day.

5. Garden of Life My Kind Organics Prenatal

Best Prenatal Vitamins - #bestprenatalvitamins #pregnancy

The fifth and final best prenatal vitamins are Garden of Life My Kind Organics Prenatal vitamins in tablet form.

These pills are perfect for the morning sickness sufferer as they have peppermint and ginger in them to help relieve nausea and vomiting.

Coming from a mom who had severe morning sickness/all-day sickness, I wish I had heard about these sooner!

There are a couple drawbacks to this paticular prenatal. The first being that you have to take 3 every day.

The second drawback being that it doesn’t contain DHA.

Best Prenatal Vitamins Gummies

For those of you who have trouble swallowing pills, you might want to opt for a gummy alternative. These are the best prenatal vitamins in gummy form.

Also, please note that most gummy prenatal vitamins do not contain iron or calcium so that they will taste better.

It’s important you discuss this with your doctor, because they may want you to take an iron supplement or calcium supplement to off-set the fact that you are not getting this from your prenatal vitamin.

1. Vitafusion prenatal gummy vitamins

Best Prenatal Vitamins - #bestprenatalvitamins #pregnancy

The Vitafusion prenatal gummy vitamins are the best seller for prenatal vitamin gummies, hands-down.

They are fruit-flavored, and packed full of Vitamin C among other necessary vitamins and minerals.

This prenatal gummy, like most others will require you to take 2 every day to get an adequate amount of vitamins and minerals for you and your unborn baby.

2. One a day prenatal multivitamin gummies

Although the brand is One A Day, these will require you also take 2 each day.

One benefit to these over the Vitafusion gummies is that they do contain calcium, where the Vitafusion do not.

As for flavor, they are also fruity-tasting.

3. OLLY essential prenatal multivitamin gummy

Best Prenatal Vitamins - #bestprenatalvitamins #pregnancy

These OLLY essential prenatal multivitamin gummies are citrus flavored gummy vitamins that seem to be gaining popularity.

Like the other 2 prenatal vitamins, you will need to take 2 each day.

These gummies do not contain calcium or iron, so make sure to run that by your OBGYN to see if they want you to supplement with something else.


Prenatal vitamins are going to be something you will take for quite a while, even after you give birth if you plan on breastfeeding.

That’s why it’s important to find the best prenatal vitamins!

If you have trouble with the vitamins that must be swallowed, you can opt for a prenatal gummy alternative, but make sure to get the okay from your OBGYN.

Thanks for stopping by and reading! Wishing you a happy pregnancy!!

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