Wondering…Am I a good mom?

Wondering...Am I a good mom? - www.momwithcookies.com #momlife #goodmom #whatisagoodmom #momblog #mommotivation #motivation #mommymotivation #momadvice #mommyadvice

Wondering…am I a good mom?

Am I a good mom? Am I a good enough mom? If these questions have ever entered your head, this article is for you.

It’s hard being a mom. There, I said it. We all have those days where we wonder…am I a good mom? Answering that question isn’t as easy as it sounds. How do we measure what a “good mom” is? In today’s day and age, it is easy to compare yourself to all those Pinterest moms, or other seemingly perfect moms. Well, here’s the trick…don’t! Here’s a few things to remember when you are wondering am I a good mom:

1. You don’t need to be perfect

Wondering...Am I a good mom? - www.momwithcookies.com #momlife #goodmom #whatisagoodmom #momblog #mommotivation #motivation #mommymotivation #momadvice #mommyadvice

Moms are cooks, cleaners, teachers, fashion consultants, personal shoppers, cheerleaders, kissers of boo-boos, peace-keepers, motivators, but also humans. Like all humans, moms are not perfect, and quite frankly that is just the way it should be. While many seek to achieve perfection, it is better to aim for your best! Setting unrealistic expectations as a mom will only make you miserable…so just don’t do it.

2. Do NOT compare yourself to others

Wondering...Am I a good mom? - www.momwithcookies.com #momlife #goodmom #whatisagoodmom #momblog #mommotivation #motivation #mommymotivation #momadvice #mommyadvice

Many times I would ask myself am I a good mom, and then I would start comparing myself to other moms I knew. Did it make me feel better about myself…no. Do you want to know something cool? We are all unique. There is no other person just like you…so stop comparing yourself to others. Nothing good comes from this, instead find things to be grateful for. When you stop looking at others around you, and start enjoying what you have, life will be so much sweeter!

 3. Postive affirmations

Wondering...Am I a good mom? - www.momwithcookies.com #momlife #goodmom #whatisagoodmom #momblog #mommotivation #motivation #mommymotivation #momadvice #mommyadvice

What is a postive affirmation? Well, think about the movie Peter Pan and how they all started saying, “I do believe in fairies.” Well, then Tinkerbell starts to believe again and her light comes back on. Well, the same principle applies to using positive affirmations when you wonder am I a good mom. Simply tell yourself: I am a good mom! Using postive affirmations in your daily life can help you gain more confidence in yourself.

Wondering...Am I a good mom? - www.momwithcookies.com #momlife #goodmom #whatisagoodmom #momblog #mommotivation #motivation #mommymotivation #momadvice #mommyadvice







Am I a good mom? As moms, we are always going to wonder if we are good moms. Sometimes we wonder it silently, and other times we seek out the answer from those we trust, but in reality we simply need to remember a few things: you don’t need to be perfect, do not compare yourself to others, and also use positive affirmations. For more sweet advice from one mom to another, sign up for my newsletter! Also, feel free to share this with all your other mom friends, because I am almost positive they have at one time or another asked: am I a good mom?

12 Comments on “Wondering…Am I a good mom?”

    1. Amanda, I do too! It is just too easy to compare yourself to other moms you know. What helped me was to remember that I might not see all that they want me to. We all try to share our best version of ourselvs and leave out all the things we don’t want people knowing. Just remember those “perfect moms” aren’t perfect either!

  1. Sometimes I snap when I should be sensitive as a mother, I lecture and give chores when what you needed was a hug, I mistake your pain for complaining or your sad heart for a bad attitude as a mother.

    1. I have done the same Margaret. Being a mom is hard, and takes so much patience, that we sometimes lose it. I call them mommy meltdowns. Thanks for sharing, and just know you are not alone, we all go through those times where we just aren’t the best mom we can be, but thats okay because we are human too!

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