Top Affiliate Programs to Monetize Your Blog

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Top Affiliate Programs to Monetize Your Blog

Blogging is a great hobby, but can also be a great business if you so choose. With my list of top affiliate programs to monetize your blog, you can do just that! It does take time, like any business, but the sooner you start the better.

In an effort to fully disclose, this article contains affiliate links. If you purchase anything or sign-up I may receive a commission but this does not affect the price whatsoever. For more information see my Disclosure/Advertising page.

If you are new to the whole blogging scene you might be asking yourself…how do I monetize my blog with affiliate programs? Or even what are affiliate programs?

Affiliate programs are websites like Amazon or Target that pay you a commission when someone purchases a product through your link. With the right know-how, you can use these top affiliate programs to monetize your blog…so why wouldn’t you?

Websites To Join For Top Affiliate Programs

Just about every brand and website has an affiliate program, but many of them run theirs through other websites like Shareasale, CJ affiliate, Rakuten Marketing, and Impact Radius.

Another website to join would be Amazon’s affiliate program. While this affiliate program is all-encompassing, it can certainly be a top affiliate program for many because they have such a wide variety of items to choose from and so many people shop on Amazon now.

This is why becoming a member on these free websites can be beneficial for finding top afffilate programs, but it is also important to remember your niche.

Top Affiliate Programs for Niche-Specific Blogs

Having affiliate links to products you reccomend are all well and good, but if your readers aren’t needing those particular products, you probably won’t make much money. Depending on the niche of your blog, you want to join top affiliate programs that are most relatable.

Mom Blog

Mom blogs are probably one of the most popular blogs out there and what I have found is that I make most of my affiliate sales on products that were related to mom, baby, toddler, or parenting. That’s just how that niche goes. Here are a few top affiliate programs I have found do well with mom blogs:

  • Gymboree Clothing (Shareasale)
  • Walmart via Rakuten Marketing (while this is not niche specific, choosing products that are niche specific are what sells)
  • Target via Impact Radius (while this is not niche specific, choosing products that are niche specific are what sells)
  • Amazon (while this is not niche specific, choosing products that are niche specific are what sells)

Fahion/Beauty Blog

Another popular blog niche is fahion/beauty and if this is your particular blog, here are a few top affiliate programs to join:

  • Maurices via Rakuten Marketing
  • Shopstyle Collective
  • Macy’s via Rakuten Marketing
  • Avon via CJ affiliate
  • Target via Impact Radius (while this is not niche specific, choosing products that are niche specific are what sells)
  • Amazon (while this is not niche specific, choosing products that are niche specific are what sells)

Travel Blog

Ah, travel blogs. I love reading travel blogs and picturing myself in the exotic destinations, but I don’t think I could ever actually write a travel blog.

Mostly because I don’t like to ride on planes, and have only ever left the country one time for my brother’s wedding in Egypt (suffice to say I have had enough traveling for awhile).

Here are some top affiliate programs to join if your niche is travel:

Blogging Advice and Tools

If your niche is blog advice and tips, you might wonder are there any top affiliate programs here? Well the answer is yes!

There are so many e-books, classes, and programs that offer tips and tricks to better your blogging career. Here are a few that you could become an affiliate member of:

  • Billionaire Blog Club
  • Elite Blog Academy
  • Genius Blogger’s Toolkit
  • Tailwind (this is a key tool in Pinterest marketing)
  • other e-books or classes that you have taken might also offer affiliate programs, so just be sure to check and see!

Important Things to Remember About Top Affiliate Programs

While it can be easy to start filling your website full of affiliate links, there are a few important things to remember including affiliate disclosures, terms of service, and keeping track of what you earn.

Affiliate Disclosure

Affiliate disclosure is a statement you make in your article that specifically says the article contains affiliate links. They are important to have because FTC regulations expressly require you have them in the begginning of your article before an affiliate link is shown.

Here’s what I usually write:

“In an effort to fully disclose, this article may contain affiliate links. This means if you purchase something, I would receive a commission. For more information, see my Disclosure page.”

Now I usually have the words Disclosure page linked to my actual disclosure page where they can read in further detail about disclosures.

Terms of Service

Let me be straight up with you…who all reads those lengthy terms of services? I will admit, before blogging, I would NEVER.

Moving forward, it is important to read the terms of service or at the very least have a good understanding of them before joining any top affiliate programs. This is because if you violate certain terms, they can remove you from their affiliate program.

Keeping track of earned income

Another important thing to do when you join these top affiliate promas is to keep track of the money you earn. In the United States, you are responsible for pay self-employment taxes if you make over $600 in a year.

I’m not a tax professional, so if you more tax-related questions I would suggest talking with a CPA or tax advisor. I like using quickbooks to track my expenses and income, but you could also just as simply use an excel spreadsheet.

Remember no matter what niche you are in, you can monetize your blog by using some of these top affiliate programs. Just remember that some affiliate programs are niche-specific while others have a large array of things to promote.

Also, remember to include a dislosure statement, read the terms of services, and keep track of your income.

Until next time!

2 comments on “Top Affiliate Programs to Monetize Your Blog

  1. Hi Joanna,
    I want to discuss a little on monetizing methods too if you don’t mind. Actually, i am an young blogger, started around a year and half ago cause i wanted to write on stuff that i liked. The only monetizing methods i accepted always have been adsense and infolinks which kept me going but they are simply not cutting it with the quality/effort i am putting in. However, i have built a nice traffic and strong following that makes me feel like i should now integrate with affiliate market now and start monetizing further than google ads.
    The thing is i have no insight on any program that can help me out with multi niche products and accept me as new comer in the market. My current platform is wordpress so according to my rookie research i’ll be needing CMS tools too i guess. I have been searching and came across a few programs out of which one caught my eye cause of their 100% commission rate, this revglue program is different from the ones you mentioned and since i am UK based this might be good for me, it’s selling data of stores with free plugins and tools for social monetizing as well. Here let me address you the list of their plugins if you can help me out with some insight on this program or the matter itself and recommend me something, that would be great and really appreciated.

    • If you are looking for multi-niche affiliate market, try Amazon! They have just about every kind of product under the sun. They have Amazon for US and Amazon for the UK. If you have readers who are located in both, sign up for both platforms. I did a quick search around about revglue, and it doesn’t appear to have great reviews. That being said it’s going to be up to you on which affiliate programs you sign up for, but just be wary about signing up for some that will hurt your readers trust. If you are hosting with wordpress, you shouldn’t need CMS tools to place affilate links. As for the list of plugins, these appear to be for Ecommerce stores. Regular bloggers, in my opinion wouldn’t be interested in these. Just giving you my honest opinion!

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