Toddler Springtime Learning Activities

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Toddler Springtime Learning Activities

Spring has sprung! The flowers are blooming. Now it’s time to get your kids learning with these fun springtime learning activities. The ideas are sure to please your toddler, and you might enjoy them too!

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Spring themed maze

Toddler Springtime Learning Activities - #learningactivities #learningactivitiesfortoddlers #toddlerlearningactivities #springtimelearningactivities #spring #springlearningactivities #toddler








Spring is in the air with this fun maze! Be sure to check out for more learning fun.



This is a great way to teach your toddler about patience as mazes take time to complete. For younger kids, you might have to help them, but overall a fun learning activity that my daughter enjoyed!

Toddler Springtime Learning Activities - #learningactivities #learningactivitiesfortoddlers #toddlerlearningactivities #springtimelearningactivities #spring #springlearningactivities #toddlerToddler Springtime Learning Activities - #learningactivities #learningactivitiesfortoddlers #toddlerlearningactivities #springtimelearningactivities #spring #springlearningactivities #toddler

Painting with Acrylics

Learning activities can be as simple as teaching your toddler about colors. What’s nice is that acrylic paint easily washes off so those inevitable messes are a breeze to clean. My daughter just LOVED painting. As she was painting, she would say what she was painting (mom, dad, baby, house, car, etc).  Not only that, mom or dad can join in and paint too! It’s a lot more fun when everyone gets involved.

Toddler Springtime Learning Activities - #learningactivities #learningactivitiesfortoddlers #toddlerlearningactivities #springtimelearningactivities #spring #springlearningactivities #toddler






Here’s our finished paintings, because I wanted to join in and paint too!

Toddler Springtime Learning Activities - #learningactivities #learningactivitiesfortoddlers #toddlerlearningactivities #springtimelearningactivities #spring #springlearningactivities #toddler Toddler Springtime Learning Activities - #learningactivities #learningactivitiesfortoddlers #toddlerlearningactivities #springtimelearningactivities #spring #springlearningactivities #toddler


Spring themed books

Books are more great learning activities for toddlers. Not only does it help build their vocabulary and speech, it also helps children build an imagination! These are a couple of my daughter’s favorite spring time books.


Gardening is the last of these springtime learning activities but is sure to keep your toddler entertained. Amazon has this cool children’s garden kit where you can see things grow that you plant. It comes complete with seeds and transparent planters. All you need is some dirt! Check it out for yourself by clicking the picture below:

Keeping a toddler busy can be a full time job, but these toddler springtime learning activities can certainly help you. Just remember this fun maze, painting with acrylics, spring-themed books, and gardening. Subscribe for more sweet advice from one mom to another.

24 comments on “Toddler Springtime Learning Activities

  1. What fun ideas! Great job on your artwork, by the way! We do a LOT of painting in this house. I paint often and to keep them from painting on my work, I allow them to paint their own masterpieces. That’s an all year round activity. =))

  2. Awwh I love it!! Going to use this with my niece and nephew. Crafts like these aren’t only stimulating but also build great memories!

    • Aww, your niece and nephew are lucky to have a wonderful Aunt like you Angela! I completely agree that crafts build great memories and its great being able to make learning fun.

  3. These are all great ideas! My daughter and I will be busy in our garden all Spring and Summer. Kids can learn so much from the types of projects.

  4. I really like the maze idea and will give that a try with my son. We don’t get to do much but this we can do for sure

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