Tips to Get Your Baby Walking

Last updated on November 29th, 2018 at 03:17 pm

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tips to get your baby walking

Is your little one getting to the point of walking, but hasn’t quite got enough courage yet? Maybe he/she is walking with help, but not on their own?

Well, today, I want to share with you my tips to get your baby walking! After all, my daughter took her first steps unaided by anything when she was just 10 months old.

Here are a few tips to get your baby walking in no time:

1. Walking with your baby

One of the tips to get your baby walking is by walking hand-in-hand with your baby.

I got my daughter to stand up by making it a game. I would say “1..2..3..” and hold on to her hands and help her stand if needed.

Then, I would hold onto her hand and take a step when she does while also saying “Step…step…” this would make her get a huge smile. After she could stand on her own, I didn’t hold her hand.

I let her have her hand on my leg, so she would have to do most of the balancing as we took steps.

Tips to Get Your Baby Walking - #babywalking #baby #parenting #getbabywalking #teachbabytowalk #tipsforteachingbabytowalk #gettingbabytowalk

2. Dance to music

Another one of these tips to get your baby walking is by dancing. I think I started this when my daughter was small, I would turn on some music I like and started jamming out to it.

This got her interested. She started wanted to bounce when she was standing.

This, in turn, got those muscles stronger and it was fun for her. I think the biggest part of teaching your child something is to make it fun.

3. Walkers

Tips to Get Your Baby Walking - #babywalking #baby #parenting #getbabywalking #teachbabytowalk #tipsforteachingbabytowalk #gettingbabytowalk

The third of these tips is to use a walker. They have so many different kinds of walkers out there that have noise makers and flashy things to get your baby interested.

These help build up your little one’s muscles. Also, walkers make it fun for your baby to play with and eventually walk.

4. Encourage, and be their cheerleader

The last of these tips to get your baby walking is by encouraging! This is given.

Just encourage them to take steps, or to stand. Don’t have high expectations.

I had no goals I wanted for my daughter, I just wanted to raise her to be a loving and caring little girl. I mainly wanted to be the best mom that I could be to her.

Here’s the deal, it doesn’t matter if they reach milestones at different times then their peers. It is more harmful to expect them to do something because you think they might fall behind.

As long as he or she keeps getting an all clear from the pediatrician wellness exams, there is nothing to worry about.

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10 comments on “Tips to Get Your Baby Walking

  1. I’m surprised you mentioned walkers as everything else I’ve seen said they actually can actually hinder walking as most parents use it before the baby is ready and they learn improper positioning. We’re more the type when she’s ready she’ll do it, and it’s worked out for us. She started standing on her own for like 3 days and then boom, all of a sudden was walking at 13 months.

    • I know what you mean. There are so many articles out there that say walkers hinder babies walking, but for my kids, it wasn’t the case. It is important to watch your child for cues that they are ready, and not try to push them to do something they aren’t ready for.

  2. Such an exciting time! My first daughter started walking at 11 months and my 2nd daughter at 10 months. Walking and dancing are great ways to get them on their feet and work on shifting weight back and forth. I’d also add that motivation is a huge factor. Sadly, my girls were most encouraged by walking toward my phone. Haha!

  3. This is such an exciting time. I remember when my kids were just starting to learn to walk. They’re 11, 14, 16 now, so that was a long time ago! We would take turns having them toddle between my husband and I . We have such wonderful memories and few really great photos for all of them.

    • It really is a great milestone to watch your kids achieve! My youngest is now 9 months old and he is walking when I hold his hands…so it’s really only a matter of time!! 🙂

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