Tips for Making Things With Faux Fur

Last updated on February 9th, 2018 at 03:55 pm

Tips for making things with faux fur - #fauxfur

I had an idea for a throw pillow about a few months ago, where it would be a diagonal of faux fur and leather alternating. I looked everywhere for one similar, but couldn’t find anything. I decided to purchase some faux fur and leather and try to make it myself. I had never sewed with faux fur, but thought it was worth a try. Below you will find my tips for making things with faux fur so your next project looks professionally done!


Cutting faux fur (and probably also regular fur) can be challenging. You want to cut slow and make sure you are only cutting the backing of the fur. The best way to do this is to weave the edge of your scissors through the fur so the edge is just at the backing and you are not cutting the hair part of the fur. Another thing you will learn is that there is no mess like cutting fur-mess. Inevitably there will be tufts of fur here and there all around where you are working.


Sewing with faux fur can be just as difficult as cutting it. The important thing is to backstitch every so often because there is a a lot of fabric you are sewing through. Also, depending on what you are making with the fur, you are going to want a liner. When I made the throw pillow cover, I added a liner because fur seams look awful and I wanted a finished look on the inside.

Also, after you sew with faur fur, you will have to pull some of the hair out of the seam. so it doesn’t look strange. I foud that a dental pick works perfect for this task.

Before fur is pulled out of seam

After fur is pulled out of the seam






I still have some leftover faux fur that I am planning on making a small blanket with for my daughter. She loves the pillows I made because they are extremely soft.

Tips for Making Things with Faux Fur - #fauxfur #diy #crafts







Overall, faux fur can be more difficult than a lot of other fabrics but the end result is worth it if you do it right. I hope you enjoyed reading my tips for making things with faux fur! Comment below and let me know what you think.

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