Things You Must Have for a New Baby

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Things you must have for a new baby

There are many things you must have for a new baby and this list will give you a better look at what they are: both the obvious and the not so obvious.

Of course you are going to need a crib, diaper bag, wipes and diapers, but there are few other things you might not know but will be happy to have for a new baby.

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The Obvious things you must have for a new baby

1. Diapers

There are lots of different brands, so I’m not going to sell you on which one is better—it is better to go based off of trial and error as all babies are different.

One thing I would recommend is to use coupons.

Also, make sure to sign up for the corresponding diaper rewards program for whichever brand you end up choosing.

(Huggies and Pampers each have one).

2. Wipes

You can never have too much of this must have for a new baby.

They really are multi-purpose wipes.

Great for diaper changes (obviously) but also make wonderful make-up remover wipes—truly it works even on waterproof mascara.

Wipes can be used to clean sticky fingers, wipe down high chairs, and even wiping table tops.

There are probably a million and one uses for wipes.

3. Diaper Bag

When you go anywhere with baby, you are going to need a diaper bag.

I keep all the essentials in my diaper bag like a bunch of wipes for both of my kids, diapes, extra outfits (because blowouts are inevitable).

What I have found it that the one time you don’t have the diaper bag, is going to be the time that you need it.

Check out my article about 9 stylish diaper bags and backpacks for more cute choices!

4. The 3 C’s (Crib, Carseat, and Clothes)

A crib is a must have for a new baby because your baby will need a place to sleep.

Along with a crib, you will also need crib sheets, a mattress, and a waterproof mattress protector.

Another must have for a new baby would be a car seat.

I like the car seats with bases because you don’t have to have 2 car seats, just 2 bases (if you have more than one car).

It makes things a lot cheaper and so much easier to bring a baby out and about in a car seat.

Just be prepared that as your baby gets bigger and older, you will eventually have to change to a larger stationary car seat.

The last of the 3 C’s you must have for a new baby would be clothes.

This is my weakness! Especially for my daughter, there are so many ADORABLE outfits.

It is funny too because she gets so excited every time she gets a new outfit (this is going to be dangerous as she gets older HAHA).

The not so obvious things you must have for a new baby

1. Nose Frida & Saline Drops

This is a must have for a new baby.

The bulb suction that they give you at the hospital just doesn’t stand up to the nose frida when it comes to cleaning baby’s nose out.

I know what you might be thinking: gross. I thought so too at first.

Let me clear this up right now: I have never sucked snot into my mouth (because I know that is what you are thinking).

It has a foam-like disposable filter, but the snot has never even gotten close to the filter.

You can find this must have for a new baby here on Amazon.

So, how does it work?

Well first, you use nasal saline spray made for babies and put a drop in one nostril at a time.

Then, you line up the nose frida to the nostril and suck. The first few times it will seem weird, but you will be a pro in no time!

You might even be surprised at how much snot you can actually get out.

There is also a learning curve for your little one who will have absolutely no ideas what you are doing.

Just be patient, and both you and baby will be much happier and breathing easier.

After using this a few times, you will quickly see why this is a must have for a new baby.

The best way to use a nose frida is with saline drops.

This just helps loosen the snot before you suck it out with the nose frida.

2. Gripe water

Gripe water is a must have for a new baby because it helps with gas pains and hiccups.

I have tried a couple of brands, but my favorite all time gripe water would be Mommy’s Bliss Gripe Water.

It can be found here on Amazon or in the baby aisle at your grocery store near the baby lotions and diaper creams.

It works quickly to relieve gas pains but is also made with natural ingredients.

I know what you might be thinking…”is this really a must have for a new baby?”

The answer is yes!

Babies inevitably get gas, and one of the key ingredients in Mommy’s Bliss is peppermint oil which is known for its ability to soothe gas.

3. Muslin blankets

Both of my kids LOVED to be swaddled.

The blankets provided by the hospital only last so long, because baby outgrows them.

I really love the Aden & Anais muslin blankets because they are light enough that they can be used even in the warmer months.

If you are interested, check them out here on Amazon.

This must have for a new baby might be a little bit pricey, but so worth it because they last!

This was a big plus, because I received a bunch of them as gifts for my daughter at my baby shower and used them again when my son was younger.

They have such fun designs and like I previously said can be reused for a boy or girl.

These muslin blankets you must have for a new baby so that baby can be swaddled and fall asleep easier!

Thank you for reading these obvious and not-so-obvious things you must have for a new baby.

Hopefully, now you will be fully prepared! Comment below and let me know what you think.

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