The Complete Guide on Pacifier Weaning

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The Complete Guide on Pacifier Weaning - #pacifierweaning #stopusingpacifiers #parentsguidetopacifierweaning #tipstostopusingpacifiers #parenting #momadvice #nomorepacifiers

The complete guide on pacifier weaning

Is your little one a habitual user of a pacifier? Have you tried pacifier weaning, but without success? Well, this guide is for you!

Here you will read up on a few of the techniques for pacifier weaning. Not only that, I will give you a complete list and breakdown on how to do it, so that your little one will no longer be a pacifier user!

There are a couple of different techniqes for pacifier weaning, but there is only one surefire method that I would recommend that ACTUALLY WORKS!

Techniques for Pacifier Weaning

Cutting the pacifier

The Complete Guide on Pacifier Weaning - #pacifierweaning #stopusingpacifiers #parentsguidetopacifierweaning #tipstostopusingpacifiers #parenting #momadvice #nomorepacifiers

One technique for pacifier weaning is to cut the pacifier little by little until there is nothing left. While I did try this method, it wasn’t really something that I would recommend.

Not only did my stubborn 18month old refuse and scream until I gave her a new one, it just didn’t seem like a great idea.

Putting vinegar on the pacifier

The next strategy for pacifier weaning is to put vinegar on the pacifier in hopes that your little one will decide they don’t want it anymore because it tastes awful. While this is not a strategy I used, I had read a few articles about it. I still wouldn’t reccommend it.

Cold turkey

The last and final technique for pacifier weaning would be stop giving your little one the pacifier abruptly. This is the strategy I WOULD recommend.

Here’s why:

For starters, it is the quicker method and if you stick to the plan, you are GUARANTEED results. This method for pacifier weaning is not for the faint of heart though, because your child may have a complete meltdown the first night without using the pacifier.

Take heart though, because it will get better after that first initial night.

The Complete Guide to Pacifier Weaning: Cold Turkey Method

Now, if you do in fact decide to go this route of cold turkey pacifier weaning, then here is the complete guide on how to do it.

1. Be Firm and stick to your plan

First things first, make sure you are going to stick to your guns. If you keep caving to your little one every time he/she wants one, you aren’t going to be successful.

Instead, plan it right. Remove all the pacifiers, and I mean ALL of them from your house.

This technique only works if your little one cannot find any more pacifiers, and also you. If you don’t have any more, you can’t cave to your little one’s demands.

Also, remember that it is for your little one’s own good. Using pacifiers for a prolonged amount of time can lead to dental problems further down the road and possibly even the need for braces.

Telling myself that I’m doing this for my daughter’s own good really help me when I wanted to cave and go to the store to buy more pacifiers.

2. Talk With Your Little One

Explain to your little one that we are no longer going to use pacifiers, binkies, or whatever you call them (my daughter called them me-me’s). It might help to tell your child that they are becoming a big kid and they no longer need to use pacifiers.

In fact, let her throw them away and say “bye-bye”. This will start to prepare your child for the fact that they are no longer going to see a pacifier in the house.

3. Avoid starting pacifier weaning around major life events

Another tip I would suggest is to avoid pacifier weaning around major life events, because it might be harder for them to deal. My goal was to have my daughter completely weaned off them before we had my second child, but alas that didn’t happen.

Instead we waited until about 3 weeks after having my son to wean her from the pacifier.

The Complete Guide on Pacifier Weaning - #pacifierweaning #stopusingpacifiers #parentsguidetopacifierweaning #tipstostopusingpacifiers #parenting #momadvice #nomorepacifiers

In fact waiting until we had a baby in the house helped. We told her that pacifiers are for babies, and that she didn’t need them anymore because she wasn’t a baby.

4. Expect Meltdowns

I will warn you, naptimes and bedtimes are hard…at least for the first day. Your child may cry for awhile before falling asleep, or they may even surprise you and not have a problem.

Just don’t expect it.

When you little one starts to throw a fit, change the subject and get him/her playing with something because when they aren’t thinking about the pacifier, they won’t be as upset.

What seemed to also help prevent pacifier weaning meltdowns was to avoid saying “pacifier”, “binky”, or “me-me”. Just make sure to tell all those that are going to be around your child to avoid saying it too.

5. Plan lots of fun activities around the time you start

When it comes to pacifier weaning, if you plan lots of fun activities when you start, they will certainly not be thinking about a little pacifier. Also, if they have full-schedules, by the time your little one gets read for naptime/bedtime, they will be so worn out that they aren’t going to fight not having a pacifier.

The biggest takeaway from this article is that the most effective strategy for pacifier weaning is to take it away cold turkey.

To make things go smoothly, talk to your kids, avoid pacifier weaning around major life events, expect their to be meltdowns, and plan fun activities when you start. If you use these tips, you will have your little one no longer using those pacifiers in no time!

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