The Complete Guide On Formula Feeding

The Complete Guide on Formula Feeding - #formulafeeding #babyformula #formulafeedingtips

The Complete guide on Formula feeding

Are you looking for a no judgement complete guide on formula feeding? If so, you have come to the right place!

As I have said in many other articles, fed is best! Doing what’s right for you and your baby is the number one priority.

In an effort to fully disclose, this article contains affiliate links for products I use. This means if you purchase something, I would receive a commission. For more information see my disclosure page.

As a mom of two wonderful children that were fed using formula more than anything else, I wanted to create this guide for you!

Finding the Right Formula

In the beginning of your baby’s life, finding the right formula will be a crucial step. There are many different brands out there and so it can get overwhelming if you are staring at the formula aisle in puzzlement.

We decided to go with Enfamil as they had one of the closest formulas to that of breast milk.

Also, they have a wonderful reward program where they send you enfamil checks to save money on their formula! You can sign up for that program at

They will also send you some full-size samples which is amazing!

Which ever brand you do decide on, it’s important to be consistent as your baby’s tummy will take time to adjust to a different formula.

Ready-Made Vs Powdered Formula

There are a few different ways you can buy formula. The most common way is the powdered formula that you can find in almost any brand.

The complete guide on Formula Feeding - #formulafeeding #formulafeedingguide #babyformula
Some brands like Enfamil and Similac also offer a ready made version where all you do is pour it into a bottle and your baby can drink right away.

The complete guide on Formula Feeding - #formulafeeding #formulafeedingguide #babyformula

Another great option for when you are on the go are the to-go packets that are already measured out and all you have to do is pour them into a bottle with water.

The complete guide on Formula Feeding - #formulafeeding #formulafeedingguide #babyformula

Or you can pick up one of the cool formula dispenser and measure it out for yourself!

The complete guide on Formula Feeding - #formulafeeding #formulafeedingguide #babyformula

This particular one by Skip Hop is great because as your baby gets older, you can use the containers for snacks!

Do I need to use a Gentle Formula?

When it comes to formula feeding, another common question is about gentle formula, and if you need it. Well, the answer depends on the baby.

If you baby is having trouble with the regular formula, and has a hard time keeping it down (ie. spitting up) you might think about switching to a gentle version of your formula.

The complete guide on Formula Feeding - #formulafeeding #formulafeedingguide #babyformula

Every baby is different! With my daughter we use the regular kind until she was drinking cow milk, and my son needed the gentler version as he would spit up all the time.

Formula Feeding Basics & Safety

Depending on how old your baby is, will depend upon how much they drink. If you are switching from breastfeeding, it might take a few days until you know just how much your little one needs.

There is one big difference from formula to breastmilk in that you won’t want to leave formula setting out for too long!

In fact, most formula containers will tell you to dispose of any prepared formula after 2 hours because of bacteria growth.

Use your best judgement and also talk over any concerns you have with your baby’s pediatrician!

Is is normal that baby formula stinks?

Yes. Baby formula stinks, no doubt about it! The powder by itself stinks, and when it is mixed with water- it stinks.

Don’t worry though, as this is just a common trait of formula. As long as your formula was completely sealed when you purchased it, and it wasn’s expired you should be fine!

Misconceptions about Formula Feeding

There are a lot of misconceptions about formula feeding that make moms feel guilty for using formula, so let’s set those straight right now!

  1. One common misconception about formula is that your baby will get sicker than a breast fed baby.

While breast milk does have some of mom’s immunities in it, it doesn’t mean your baby will be any healthier or sicker depending on what they drink.

2. Another misconception about formula is that your baby won’t be as smart as a breast fed baby.

Again, this is SO wrong! Breast milk has some properties that help brain development, but so do baby formulas so there’s really no worry there.

Benefits Of Formula Feeding

I actually wrote a similar article about breastfeeding vs formula where it talks about the good the bad and the ugly of both!

Here is a brief summary of the benefits:

  1. Formula fed babies sleep longer– this is because it takes babies longer to digest formula than breastmilk, which makes them feel fuller longer!
  2. Dad can help feed your baby– this is a great way for dad to bond with your baby at an early age.

Formula Feeding Must-Haves

Another important aspect of formula feeding is to have the necessities! Here is a look at some of the products I used with my kiddos both times that might help you too:

The Necessities

  1. Bottles

The complete guide on Formula Feeding - #formulafeeding #formulafeedingguide #babyformula

We specifically liked the Philips Avent Natural Bottles as the shape was easy to hold, and when your baby gets older, that is a HUGE benefit!

2. Formula

If you are going to be formula feeding, you will need a formula! The top three are Enfamil, Similac, and Gerber (although there are many more brands out there).

3. Bottle Brush

The complete guide on Formula Feeding - #formulafeeding #formulafeedingguide #babyformula

It’s important to regularly wash out the bottles, and having a bottle brush will make quick work of it! All you need is regular dish soap and some hot water to rinse.

4. Bottle Sanitizer

The complete guide on Formula Feeding - #formulafeeding #formulafeedingguide #babyformula

Another possible necessity, depending on your water would be a bottle sanitizer. We have well water, so sanitizing was always a MUST for me.

5. Distilled Water

When we were formula feeding our kids, we used jugs of distilled water from the grocery store. This just gave me a peace of mind that my babies were getting the best!

6. Gripe Water

The complete guide on Formula Feeding - #formulafeeding #formulafeedingguide #babyformula

Formula feeding will make your baby a lot more gassy, and gas with babies spells trouble! That’s why you will want some gripe water on hand to help ease your little baby’s tummy.

You might also want to do some bicycle exercises with baby to help baby push out that gas.

You can gently push one of babies legs in towards their tummy like they are riding a bicycle and alternate each leg until they start passing gas.


That’s really all there is to know about formula feeding! If you enjoyed reading this please remember to share it on Pinterest. Thanks!

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