Stages of Toddler Potty Training

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Stages of Toddler Potty Training - #pottytraining #toddlerpottytraining #tipstopottytrain #pottytrainingtoddlers

stages of toddler potty training

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My daughter is 2 years old so I figured it was time to potty train her. This is my toddler potty training guide to help you succeed too! Just remember, there are a few stages to toddler potty training:

1.Toddler gets introduced to the potty

An important step in toddler potty training is to get your child introduced to the potty so they feel comfortable around it. Here are a few of my tips on how to do that:

Find a Children’s Book about Potty Training

I think it is helpful for little kids to see other little kids using a potty. I ordered a book on Amazon called: The Potty Book For Girls. My daughter loved looking at the book and it definitely helped her want to try to sit on the potty too. There is also “The Potty Book for Boys” and you can find it on Amazon here.

Toddler Potty Training - #pottytraining #toddlerpottytraining #tipstopottytrain #pottytrainingtoddlersToddler Potty Training - #pottytraining #toddlerpottytraining #tipstopottytrain #pottytrainingtoddlers




get a fun potty seat or chair

My daughter liked to put her stuffed monkey on this potty chair that you can find on Amazon or at baby store. Letting them get familiar and even playing (it was 100% clean and never used) with the potty helps them associate it with something fun to do. I also got a comfy potty seat to put over the big toilet for when she was ready.

Toddler Potty Training - #pottytraining #toddlerpottytraining #tipstopottytrain #pottytrainingtoddlersToddler Potty Training - #pottytraining #toddlerpottytraining #tipstopottytrain #pottytrainingtoddlers

make it fun

A key part of toddler potty training is to make it fun. When they first start out, you want them to think this is a fun place to be, so they want to use the potty. This can be as simple has having a potty dance or song. Also, if they see you having fun, they are going to want to join in too.

2.Toddler learns how to go potty

The second stage of toddler potty training is teaching your toddler. This requires a lot of patience and finding what works best for them. It won’t happen overnight (unless it does, and in which case I am jealous).  Here are a few tips:

ditch the diapers

Ok, this was a lot harder to do than I thought, but so important. Pull-ups are going to be your best friend. Diapers are a lot more absorbent. While this is good for when they are babies, it can make toddler potty training challenging because your little one won’t feel wet when they go potty. Pull-ups, I’ve noticed, helped my daughter want to use the potty more because they wouldn’t hold as much.

I also liked to call the pull-ups, big girl panties. (Ok, I am a little weird). Then, I would tell her diapers are for babies, and we don’t want to use diapers anymore. (The conversations I have had with this child…smh). Anyway, she looked forward to wearing them because they have fun designs on them.

Don’t set unrealistic expectations

It’s not fair for you or your child. Also, be prepared for the inevitable accidents. The more you work with your child and practice, the better they will get. CONSISTENCY IS KEY!


When I say distractions, I simply mean something that will help keep your potty entertained while they are sitting on the potty. I usually let my DD(dear daughter) sit until she seems to be uninterested in staying still any longer. Sometimes, it helps to bring a book for them to look at. The longer they sit, the better the chances of them actually going in the potty (especially in the beginning).


Rewards are crucial to toddler potty training. Little kids loved to be praised for doing things, and if you make it a big deal that they went potty in the big girl potty, they are going to want to do it again. Along with praising your child, also offer them a reward for being a “big girl” or “big boy” for going potty in the toilet. This can be as simple as a piece of candy, or even a sticker. In order to keep track of how well they are doing, you could even use a potty training chart and let them put a sticker on everytime they go. Going all psychology, but this is positive reinforcement of a behavior.

find what works best for them

My daughter likes to follow me into the bathroom, so she always wanted to try going on the big potty like mommy. I found a potty seat and put her on the big toilet. She seemed to sit on if for a lot longer than the potty chair, and I think she liked it because she was using what I was.

3. Toddler uses potty as stall tactic for bedtime/naptime

My daughter learned how to go potty in the big girl potty and I was excited. After my daughter learned how to tell me she needed to potty, I was stoked. I figured this was the end of all the trouble. Of course, my 2-year-old daughter had different plans. She started using the potty as a way to stall her bedtime, because she would say “I wanna pee”. Of course we took her, but she didn’t do anything, just sat there.

Toddler Potty Training - #pottytraining #toddlerpottytraining #tipstopottytrain #pottytrainingtoddlers







Thank you for reading the stages of toddler potty training. I hope this helps you potty train your toddler, as well as understand that potty training takes time but it will happen! Please comment below and share! Also, don’t forget to subscribe.

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