Save Money on Groceries With Rebate Apps

Last updated on February 7th, 2019 at 03:34 pm

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Save money on groceries with rebate apps

We have all heard the term, a penny saved is a penny earned. I am a huge believer in this, and anyway I can save money helps, especially being a stay at home mom on one income.

I only recently learned about rebates that help you save money on things you are already purchasing. It seemed too good to be true, but I have tried them and wish I knew about them sooner.

In an effort to fully disclose, this article contains affiliate links. This means if you purchase something, I would receive a commission. For more information, see my Disclosure page.

Save Money on Groceries With Rebate Apps - #rebates #rebateapps #savemoney #savemoneyongroceries

How do they work? Well that is simple, they are usually in an app form you can download on a phone or tablet.

Then, you go through the list of rebates and select the items that you purchased, followed by scanning or taking a picture of the receipt. Here’s a look at how you can save money on groceries with rebate apps:

1. Ibotta

One way you can save money on groceries with rebate apps is by using Ibotta. This is by far my favorite as they offer a wide array of rebates for things.

There are grocery rebates, clothing rebates, makeup, beer, and even restaurants. They update all the time, easy to use and can be used with a lot of different shops.

This app has you watch a short video, recipe, or survey to unlock the rebates, but there is absolutely NO COST! Why wouldn’t you want to earn money on things you are already buying?!

There is a cash out limit of $20, but you can pick numerous gift cards or have it put into your paypal. Also, they recently added a mobile shopping for online purchases to specific places like Amazon.

Screenshots of Ibotta from my phone

If you are interested in this rebate, go to or use the referral code shcgtml this will give you $10 in your account after you redeem your first rebate no matter what.

I will receive $5 in my account. Then you will be given your own referral code to tell your friends to join and you can then get the $5 referral bonus added to your account.

2. SavingStar

Another way you can save money on groceries with rebate apps is by downloading SavingStar. This is another rebate application that usually mirrors the Saving Star coupon inserts you might find in the newspaper.

The cool thing about this is that you don’t necessarily have to have a coupon to get the saving, but you can use a coupon an this app, which results in a huge savings overall. Sometimes, I have made money off of it because of this.

With SavingStar you only need $5 for a cash out to paypal, gift card, bank deposit, or a Upromise donation.

Savingstar App screenshots on my phone


3. Mobisave

The third way you can save money on groceries with rebate apps is with Mobisave. This app offers lower price rebates, but every little bit counts.

Also, if you are a big fan of buying a magazine while shopping, they offer great rebates for those.

Sometimes both Ibotta and Mobisave will have a rebate on the same magazine, giving you an even greater savings. This does not require a certain amount for cash out.

As soon as you scan the receipt and it processes, the payment is sent to paypal. Mobisave also has certain rebates that you have to find a sticker with a product code that saves Mobisave to enter and redeem the rebate.

This can be beneficial at times, because I have gotten freebies from this, but you have to be diligent enough to find the sticker with the code inside.

Mobisave app screenshots taken on my phone

4. Checkout 51

The fourth way to save money on groceries with rebate apps is by using Checkout51. This one is a lot like Ibotta.

There are a lot of offers for grocery, and beer. I especially like the diaper rebates that seem to always be available.

The cash out is $20 and they send you a check in the mail. Another cool feature about Checkout51, is that they will let you do rebates on online purchases. They simply have you take a picture of the packing slip instead of a receipt.

Checkout51 app screenshots on my phone (one screenshot was edited for privacy purposes)

5. Walmart SavingsCatcher

The fifth way to save money on groceries with rebate apps is for Wal-mart shoppers only (if you don’t shop here, scroll down for 2 other rebate apps). If you are an avid shopper of Walmart, this one is for you.

They recently updated how their Savings Catcher works. You now must scan the QR code at the card reader before you finish paying for your groceries.

It’s a little more of an inconvenience, but still worth it if you shop at Walmart.

If there is a lower price found, you are given the difference on a walmart e-gift card. The one thing to note is that this application does not take into account store brands, and fresh produce.

There is no limit to cash out the money onto an e-gift card.

Walmart Savings catcher app screenshots taken on my phone. The arrow shows you where its located on the walmart app.

6. Fetch Rewards

The sixth way to save money on groceries with rebate apps is with Fetch Rewards. This is another cool app, where you submit a picture of your receipt and it does all the work for you after that.

There are certain brands that if you have them on your receipt, they give you points. These points are then redeemed for giftcards.

Every once in awhile, they will have you verify an item that you bought, and you are given bonus points just for verifying. Tell your friends about it, because they offer a referral system to get some more points!

Fetch Rewards app screenshot taken on my phone

7. Receipt Hog

The seventh way to save money on groceries with rebate apps is with Receipt Hog.

This is another app like fetch rewards in that all you do is take a picture of your receipt and it gives you coins and a submission into their raffle they have every month.

The coins can be redeemed for amazon gift cards, paypal, or free magazine subscriptions. This app is one where you have to sign up and be on a waiting list for a small period of time before they accept you.

Then you start earning points after each receipt.

Receipt Hog app screenshot taken on my phone

Have you tried any of these rebate apps to save money on groceries? Let me know in the comments below!

Also, don’t forget to pin this for later so that you can remember to sign up for all of these woderful rebate apps. Your wallet will thank you, and you will wish you signed up sooner!

12 comments on “Save Money on Groceries With Rebate Apps

  1. Thanks for suggesting so many great grocery rewards and money saving apps. I’ll look into some of the others you mentioned. I currently use Ibotta, Receipt Hog, and Wal Mart savings catcher and have gotten a good deal of gift cards and cash back!

    • You really should try out the other ones too! Sometimes I get lucky and 2 different rebate apps have rebates on one item. It doesn’t happen all the time, but when it does…I am one happy mom! 🙂

  2. Oh wow I hadn’t even heard of most of these!! I love getting money back for things I’m already going to buy anyways. Thanks for giving me a few to look into.

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