Reviewing the Konmari Method for Decluttering

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Reviewing the Konmari Method for Decluttering - #decluttering #konmarimethod #mariekondomethod #organzing #home #organzingyourhome #homeorganizing #homedecluttering #declutteringyourhome #declutteringandorganzing #organizinganddecluttering #declutter

Reviewing the Konmari Method for decluttering

Are you always having trouble organizing your home? Maybe you are the type that hurriedly cleans when you know you are having an unexpected guest? Well, the solution is decluttering and in particular, using the konmari method for decluttering.

Reviewing the Konmari Method for Decluttering - #decluttering #konmarimethod #mariekondomethod #organzing #home #organzingyourhome #homeorganizing #homedecluttering #declutteringyourhome #declutteringandorganzing #organizinganddecluttering #declutter

Organizing is a time-consuming task made worse by the fact that a lot of times we don’t have a place for something. This is the point of why decluttering before organizing is essential to having an organized home. One way to declutter is by using the Konmari method.

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Marie Kondo outlines decluttering in great detail in her book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing.

Reviewing the Konmari method of decluttering -

The first step in reviewing the Konmari method is to declutter by getting rid of things. Marie Kondo says that you should only keep things that make you happy. In her second book, she also discusses that you should only keep things that you need as well as the things that make you happy.

It’s a strange phenomena to think about when it comes to deciding what to get rid of, but certainly makes sense. Why would you want to keep stuff that doesn’t make you happy?

The Konmari Method

The order to start your massive decluttering according to the Konmari method is as follows, but it’s important to note that Marie Kondo goes into greater detail in her book which I would definitely recommend purchasing it from Amazon here or your local bookstore. Also, check with a friend, they might have a copy they can lend you. I initially borrowed it from my sister, but ended up having to buy one for myself because I liked it that much!


  • Tops
  • Bottoms
  • Clothes that you hang up
  • Socks
  • Underwear
  • Bags
  • Accessories
  • Shoes

Books- there are probably 2 types of people. Those that have large numbers of books, and then there are those who have a few books here and there (I am in the second type).
Papers– It’s important to note that for tax purposes, keeping papers for a minimum of 4 years is the best bet in the off-chance that you were to be audited. Also, if you have sensitive information on papers (bank account numbers, SSN, passwords) or other information you don’t want to be possibly stolen, it is wise to shred these before throwing away.

Miscellaneous- the miscellaneous would include things that you probably put in your junk drawer. They can be random things like screws, batteries, pencils, pens, cords, and other “miscelllaneous” items.

Mementos- Mementos are saved for last, because they are the hardest to give up. Marie Kondo discusses in her book that hopefully by the time you get to the mementos category, you have become a better decision-maker. These can include pictures, heirlooms, and gifts from loved ones.

Putting the Konmari Method into practice:

The meat of this review goes into the actually practice of using the Konmari Method for decluttering. Here you will find the before and after photos of some of my own closets/dressers. Although, I will note, I didn’t take before photos of everything, so if you decide to try out this method I would strongly suggest doing so!

As I previously stated, the first category is clothing, and while I thought I was going to have a struggle deciding…it was actually pretty painless. I did order some bags from to send some of my clothes to be sold. One challenge I am having is with my maternity clothes as we are not quite sure whether we are going to have more children or not. For now… they are banished to the closet in the basement.

Here’s a look at my socks…yes I did the whole sock-potato style, but have since changed my ways.

Reviewing the Konmari Method for Decluttering - #decluttering #konmarimethod #mariekondomethod #organzing #home #organzingyourhome #homeorganizing #homedecluttering #declutteringyourhome #declutteringandorganzing #organizinganddecluttering #declutter

Here is also a look at one of my dresser drawers with pants using the side comparison of the Konmari method for folding vs the way I usually did. WOWZA! One thing I will definitely note, using the Konmari method, you can fit a lot more pant’s in the drawer than by just foliding and stacking them on top of each other.

Reviewing the Konmari Method for Decluttering - #decluttering #konmarimethod #mariekondomethod #organzing #home #organzingyourhome #homeorganizing #homedecluttering #declutteringyourhome #declutteringandorganzing #organizinganddecluttering #declutter

Books were another category that seemed rather easy to put the Konmari Method into practice as I already didn’t have many. Quite possibly my biggest hurdle was papers…and also mementos. I have a bad problem about keeping papers. It has something to do with the fact that in the past I accidentally threw out a necessary paper for tax purposes and it took a great deal of time to retrieve a copy. Ever since then, I don’t like to throw away papers.

Reviewing the Konmari Method for Decluttering - #decluttering #konmarimethod #mariekondomethod #organzing #home #organzingyourhome #homeorganizing #homedecluttering #declutteringyourhome #declutteringandorganzing #organizinganddecluttering #declutter

This is a stock photo!!! I hope one day my house will be as organized and in order as this photo.

The miscellaneous category was tricky in that a lot of the miscellaneous things could have a use later on, but I did manage to weed some of these down using the konmari method.

Finally the mementos. Again, this was another thing I struggled with because mementos have sentimental value. I don’t like feeling like I let anyone down. I really haven’t done much, but I do like Marie Kondo’s idea for photographs. She suggests picking a few photographs that can explain that moment in time, and getting rid of the rest. Also, pictures that have no meaning like that of a flower/landscape can also be thrown away as they most likely have no sentimental value to you. Again though, you keep what brings you joy.

When in doubt, scan the photo into your computer and you can always reference it later while also eliminating all the excess photos! (I’m not quite sure what Marie Kondo would think of this idea…but what the heck.)

Reviewing the Konmari Method for Decluttering - #decluttering #konmarimethod #mariekondomethod #organzing #home #organzingyourhome #homeorganizing #homedecluttering #declutteringyourhome #declutteringandorganzing #organizinganddecluttering #declutter

This is a stock photo!!! I hope one day my house will be as organized and in order as this photo. (Perhaps when we have moved to our new house, I will take some photos. 🙂

All in all, the Konmari method is a time-consuming process but the results do speak volumes! For the complete guide, I would strongly recommend you purchasing her book that can be found here on Amazon. Fair warning: there are a few quirky things in the book, but I overlooked those. 😉 Bringing this review to a close, I would ABSOLUTELY recommend this book to any and everyone! Not only can it help you declutter your home so you can finally have peace of mind, it can also give you a better way to look at things.

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