Strange and not-so strange Pregnancy Symptoms

Strange and not so strange pregnancy symptoms -

Strange & not-so-strange Pregnancy Symptoms

Pregnancy changes your body, in many different ways, and can even cause some strange pregnancy symptoms. Here’s a look at some of the things pregnant women go through that you probably didn’t know!

1. Pregnancy Brain

It’s a real thing…or at least every pregnant lady you talk to will agree. It’s not so much as your memory declines, but that your not mentally as sharp as you once were.

I think it’s your body preparing for mom brain ;).

2. Bleeding Gums

Another one of the strange pregnancy symptoms involves your gums. Even if you are an avid teeth cleaner, pregnancy will make those gums bleed!

The bleeding gums is actually caused by the increase in estrogen and progesterone.

So, if you are at your dentist, let them know you are expecting so they lay off the flossing comments.

3. Lightning Crotch

Strange pregnancy symptoms also include lightning crotch. There’s probably a more scientific name, but it feels like a burning stinging feeling down there.

Almost as if lightning struck you.

4. Stuffy Nose

Although this isn’t always the case, pregnancy can also make you have a stuffy nose that just won’t go away. It’s actually caused by those fluctuating hormones.

5. Round Ligament Pain

Strange pregnancy symptoms can also affect your ligaments. This is caused by your growing baby and can make for some sharp pains in the sides of your abdomen.

6. Heartburn

Or should I say heartburn from hell! This is caused by a few different things and can be one of the most awful pregnancy symptoms.

According to the Cleveland Clinc, severe heartburn can be caused by your pregnancy hormones relaxing the valve that separates your stomach and your esophagus which allows stomach acid to splash back upwards.

Another possible cause is your growing uterus puts too much pressure on your stomach, which in turn pushes stomach acid upwards.

If it gets really bad, talk to your doctor about what is safe to take during pregnancy.

There is also old wives tales and pregnancy that involve heartburn and the amount of hair your baby will have.

7. Back Pain

As pregnancy symptoms go, back pain can encompass a lot of different things. It can be caused by your baby kicking you, or even your body getting so sqished up that your back actually gets out of alignment.

Some pregnant women will seek help from a chiropractor or even a physical therapist. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, talk with your doctor for reccommendations.

8. Weird Dreams

When it comes to pregnancy symptoms, the strangest of them all is the dreams. They were some of the most REAL dreams but also weird.

9. Vision Changes

This is one of those pregnancy symptoms you need to discuss with your doctor ASAP if you experience vision changes like bright flashes and sparks.

The reason why is because it can signal you might have a blood pressure problem or even the beginning of pre-eclampsia.

10. Mood Swings

Pregnancy involves a lot of hormones…hormones that can play a big role on your emotions. You might start experiencing a lot of mood swings including anger and sadness.

I don’t know how many times I would be bawling my eyes out during pregnancy while watching a movie or tv show that wasn’t even sad.

11. Acne

Pregnancy symptoms can also affect your complexion and can either give you acne or make your skin clear up. Again, you can chalk all this up to your changing hormones.

There’s another old wives tales about pregnancy and acne in regards to your baby’s gender.

12. Stretch Marks

Okay this next symptom isn’t exactly strange, but the alternative name for it is. Stretch marks or tiger stripes can also happen during pregnancy as your stomach stretches while your baby is growing.

13. Anxiety/Depression

These next pregnancy symptoms are anxiety and/or depression. This won’t happen to every woman, but it does tie back into your fluctuating hormones and also the mood swings you might also have.

Typically, this happens in women who have had a history of anxiety or depression, but not always!

14. Super Sensitive Smell

Pregnancy symptoms can also affect your sense of smell. Certain smells might make you want to run for the hills or to the nearest toilet!

You might also be surprised at how much more you can smell just in general.

I once worked in a grocery store while pregnant, and that was both a blessing and a curse.

15. Food Cravings and Aversions

Your sense of taste may also be affected during pregnancy. There is the cliche that pregnant women crave pickles and ice cream, but for you it could be something completely different!

I, for one, NEVER craved pickles (but, that’s probably because I have never liked them).

16. Rib Pain

This might not actually be a symptom of pregnancy, but more of an unexpected result of your baby kicking your ribs.

Surprisingly though, your ribs might actually be more susceptible to getting fractures because of excessive coughing.

According to the US National Library of Medicine, this is caused when “the enlarging uterus causes certain opposing muscular forces to act on the ribs, making them more susceptible to fracture after minimal trauma or after repeated stresses such as a chronic cough.”


In conclusion, pregnancy symptoms can be strange, unusual, and just plain weird. The best thing you can do is talk with your doctor if you are experiencing symptoms that are making it hard to go about your everyday.

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