Pregnancy Nausea & Morning Sickness Remedies

Last updated on December 18th, 2018 at 01:23 pm

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Pregnancy Nausea & Morning Sickness Remedies

Being pregnant is a wonderful and exciting time, but there are a few things about pregnancy that are anything but wonderful!

Pregnancy nausea and morning sickness are by far some of the worst symptoms.

While it might seem like all is lost, there are remedies to help.

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Now, as promised the morning sickness remedies you MUST try:

1. Pre-Natal Vitamin

One of the easiest ways to remedy morning sickness is to switch the time you take your pre-natal vitamin.

If you normally take it in the morning, instead try taking it before you go to bed.

Also, if you still are having trouble…try switching to a different pre-natal vitamin.

They make so many different ones, including gummies, if you are having a difficulty swallowing the daily horse pill (joking, of course!).

2. Saltine Crackers

This is probably the most well-known and talked about morning sickness remedy.

Nibbling on a few of these crackers can really make all the difference when your pregnancy nausea starts acting up.

3. Eat smaller meals

Another idea is to eat smaller meals, but a lot more frequently.

When your stomach gets empty, it always seems like your morning sickness starts to rear it’s ugly head.

So, whatever you do, try to always have a snack on hand!

4. Sea Sickness Arm Bands

These bands work by using acupressure on a specific location in your wrist so you feel less nauesous.

I also found that a fitbit does the same trick, haha!

5. Preggie Pops

If morning sickness still won’t go away, try preggie pops. They come in hard candies and also suckers.

The ingredients are natural and help relieve pregnancy nausea. If you try the preggie pops, get the sour ones!

They are the best, in my opinion. 🙂

6. Avoid certain smells

If at all possible, to prevent or at the very least relieve your morning sickness, avoid certain smells.

These tend to be smells you already don’t like, but may also include things like fish, raw meat, and also raw chicken.

When I was pregnant with both of my kids, my smell was heightened to the point where it was almost like a superpower (only not so super).

When Morning Sickness Isn’t Just Morning Sickness…

It is important to note that sometimes morning sickness can actually be much more than just morning sickness.

If you are losing a bunch of weight and are having trouble keeping food/water down, PLEASE TALK TO YOUR OBGYN!

(I write this in caps not to scare you, but to really enforce the fact that you should talk to them).

It could end up being something like Hyperemesis Gravidarum which you can read about here.

I am not a doctor, but I have been through Hyperemesis Gravidarum with both of my kids.

It’s not something I would wish upon my worst enemy.


Morning sickness and pregnancy nausea can really put a damper on our pregnancy.

This is why it’s important to understand that it won’t last forever and there are a few remedies you can try to help.

Try a new pre-natal vitamin or start taking yours at nighttime.

Avoid certain smells that trigger nausea and also try out seasick arm bands or even the preggie pops!

Every pregnancy is different, and it’s important that you find what works for you so that you can get the relief you need.

Take care, and I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly!!

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