Nesting During Pregnancy

Last updated on December 6th, 2018 at 09:58 pm

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Nesting During Pregnancy

When you reach the third trimester of pregnancy, a common question arises: what is nesting during pregnancy?

To answer simply, it is when you feel the uncontrollable urge to stay around your house and get things completely prepared for baby.

This tends to happen right before you have a baby, but can also last a few months before going into labor.

Every woman is different, so there isn’t really a set guideline, but I can show you how to make the most of nesting during pregnancy!

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How do you make the most of nesting during pregnancy?

If you start feeling the nesting urges of pregnancy, don’t fight it, but also don’t overdo it!

Here are a few ideas of what you should do when you start nesting during pregnancy.

Pack Your Hospital Bag

One great idea for nesting during pregnancy would be to prepare your hospital bag, if you haven’t already done so!

Scrambling around last minute while you are in labor or told to go to the hospital will leave you unprepared and without all the essentials you will want to have.

Also, take a minute to pack a bag for your husband or significant other.

You can read all about what should be in your hospital bag checklist here (there’s also a free printable)!

Put the Finishing Touches on the Nursery

Another idea for nesting during pregnacy is to finish the nursery. Do you still need that last piece of furniture, or a fun wall decal?

Head over to your closest baby store or start some online shopping!

This is by far one of the funner aspects to nesting, but just as important to feeling prepared.

Wash Baby Clothes

Whether this is your first or not, you should also wash all of baby’s clothes/blankets/sheets preferrably in a gentle detergent.

A newborn’s skin is super sensitve so washing things ahead time can ensure that they are ready for when you bring baby home.

This also helps prevent baby from getting a rash on any unwashed fabrics that might irritate his/her skin.

Baby Proof Your House

Baby proofing is also an excellent thing to start doing when you are nesting during pregnancy.

This is important for the safety of your baby, but also your own sanity!

Now, don’t get overwhelmed if you don’t get everything baby proofed, but a few things that should be done right away are baby gates and outlet protectors.

Deep Clean Your house

Another great idea for when you start nesting during pregnancy would be to deep clean your house, and in particular certain areas.

Take this time to really get your floors cleaned and carpets shampooed.

This is going to the one place that your baby is going to be crawling on (later), and spending a lot of time on.

If you still have that nesting urge after your floors are looking good, take the time to really deep clean living areas that guests are going to be in, because people will want to visit!

Don’t worry though, nobody is expecting it to look perfect…so you can stop stressing. 😉

Now, you are ready for nesting during pregnancy! Wishing you all the best on your final stretch of pregnancy!! 🙂

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