Mommy Performance Review

Last updated on December 10th, 2018 at 02:46 pm


Are you being the best mom you can be? Not perfect. Just the best you can be.

Since I am a stay at home mom, I don’t have a boss (unless you count my persistent 2 year old). There is no deadlines (except nap time) and no time off (but who needs it 😉 ). I am blessed to be able to stay at home with my kids and raise them. Although it doesn’t come without it’s challenges. Sometimes I have to personally give myself a review of my performance as a mom. It helps me be a better mom, and pinpoint things I need to work on.

I don’t write down a list of things and grade myself, but throughout the day or at night I reflect on how I managed a stressful situation. I also try to think of new ideas for fun activities or meals. For the most part we stay at home, but there are lots of activities you can do at home and make it more exciting.

Also, I think about why I wanted to stay at home with them instead of having them in daycare. The main reason was that I wanted my kids to get the undivided attention that they might not get at a daycare with a bunch of kids. This keeps me in check, so I don’t go to my phone and scroll through Facebook/Pinterest all day. I truly want to be there and be involved with my kids. Even if all we do is read/dance/play and we don’t get a lot done. Lately, my daughter has been in the mood to be more helpful, so I let her put the clothes into the washer/dryer. It gives her a sense of accomplishment, and I can get some housework done too!

If my daughter was going to give me a performance review, I would assume she thinks I need more practice folding clothes (because she is always unfolding my laundry that I have neatly folded and stacked). 🙂

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