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What is it to be a mom? Moms are personal chefs, cleaners, teachers, glorified napkins (because my daughter would rather wipe stuff on me than a napkin), managers, entertainers, personal shoppers, finders of lost toys/pacifiers/clothes, experimenters, peace keepers, fashion consultants, and more. These are all the jobs we do as parents for our children. It may be a hard job, but rewarding nonetheless.

This page will consist of articles about parenting, pregnancy, gift guides, everything baby, and other related mom topics. Take a look and see what interests you!

Things You Must Have for a New Baby

    This article about things you must have for a new baby contains affiliate links, for more information see my disclosure/advertising page. There are many things you must have for a new baby and this list will give you a better look at what they are: both the obvious and the not so obvious. […]

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My Story of Post-Partum Depression

I read all the books, and articles online. I knew all the latest APA recommendations I had outfits bought and the crib all set up. I was prepared. What I wasn’t prepared for was post-partum depression. Sure, I had read about it, but it couldn’t happen to me. Until it did.  It started out as […]

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Tips for Making Things With Faux Fur

I had an idea for a throw pillow about a few months ago, where it would be a diagonal of faux fur and leather alternating. I looked everywhere for one similar, but couldn’t find anything. I decided to purchase some faux fur and leather and try to make it myself. I had never sewed with […]

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Parents Guide to Surviving the NICU

There is an unspoken bond among parents with babies in the NICU. I remember walking into the NICU and making eye contact with other parents and there was always a glimmer of understanding. They knew exactly what you were going through, and vice versa. Feel free to read my story about my son and the […]

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5 Tips to Lose the Baby Weight

This post contains affiliate links, please see my disclosure page for more information. So, you had a baby? Congrats! Not only were you blessed with your sweet bundle of joy, but also a few extra pounds that are stubbornly sticking with you. With these 5 tips to lose the baby weight, you can finally do […]

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Make a C-Section Recovery Go Smoother

This post contains affiliate links, please see my disclosure page for more information. C-sections are major surgery. Recovery is going to take time, but it will go much better with these 4 tips to make a c-section recovery go smoother. 1. Start Walking ASAP! It’s not going to be right away, but definitely, start walking […]

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How to Stop Drinking Pop

This post contains affiliate links, please see my disclosure page for more information. So you decided to stop drinking pop? Yay! It can seem like a daunting task, but with the right frame of mind and a few tips listed below, you can learn how to stop drinking pop now. 1. Gradually wean yourself off […]

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Gift Guide for Plant Lovers

  This gift guide for plant lovers article contains affiliate links, please see my disclosure page for more information. Finding the right gift can be hard, but with this guide, you can give your plant lover what they want. Whether its for the holidays, birthday, mother’s day/father’s day, or any other reason, this gift guide is […]

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Sleep Training: Cry It Out

  With all things baby, there are many different ways to do things. People write about sleep training, potty-training, feeding, and even playtime activities. When I first had my daughter, I was mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted. Sure I had envisioned reading all the articles and doing everything that was 100% recommended by pediatricians. That […]

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5 Tips for Growing a Dwarf Lemon Tree

The idea of having fresh lemons whenever I want sounded so cool. I purchased one online and had it shipped to me. It arrived in a good condition, as I had never had live plants shipped before [usually went to a local nursery to buy plants.] I quickly potted it, and within the last 3 […]

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