Complete review of the Leappad Platinum

Last updated on November 29th, 2018 at 02:23 pm

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Complete review of the Leappad platinum

Have you ever been out and about and your child started getting restless because your appointment took longer than expected? How about on a long car ride?

Well, I have the solution for you! Screen time gets a bad rap right now, but if you want a children’s tablet that is both fun and learning this is it!

We take this with us to doctor appointments, car rides, and just about anywhere that my 2 year old might need something fun to do. It has been a wonderful toy, so I wanted to share this complete review of the leappad platinum with you…here goes.

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Leappad Platinum Features:

1. Parents can set restrictions

The leappad platinum has some awesome features including the fact that parents can set restrictions. One of the things parents can set is the amount of time that your child can play, and it won’t let them play past it unless a parent types in the code to approve it.

No more being the bad guy and taking your child’s tablet away! You simply let the tablet do your “evil” bidding for you ;).

Another cool parental feature is that this leappad platinum won’t let your child buy anything. You would have to log-in to approve a purchase!

2. wifi capability

Why do kids like to use our tablets and phones? Well the answer is pretty clear…wifi to search for things.

Well, not only does this leappad platinum have wifi, it has a built-in kid-friendly internet that they can search. So, you won’t have to worry about your child finding something on the vast internet that is not meant to be seen by kids.

3.Can download games or use cartridges

Complete Review of LeapPad Platinum - #leapfrog #leapfrogtablet #leapfrogtabletreview #learningtabletreview #learningtablet #leappadplatinum #leappadplatinumreview #reviewoflearningtablet #momadvice #momtips #momreview

Another cool thing about this leappad platinum is that you can add lots of different games to it either by download (with parental consent) or game cartridges.

FYI: the game cartridges make awesome stocking stuffers!

Leapfrog has teamed with a lot of places to offer a variety of games like Minnie Mouse, Paw Patrol, Octonauts, Doc McStuffins, and so much more!

4. Touchscreen & stylus included

Complete Review of LeapPad Platinum - #leapfrog #leapfrogtablet #leapfrogtabletreview #learningtabletreview #learningtablet #leappadplatinum #leappadplatinumreview #reviewoflearningtablet #momadvice #momtips #momreview

Touchscreens are the future and what better way to incorporate a fun learning device like the leappad platinum than to offer it with a touchscreen. It is highly responsive to both the included stylus as well as your fingers.

I do reccommend getting a screen protector because kids can be rather hard on things (but I don’t have to tell you that). 

Small things like styluses get lost easily, but leapfrog also thought that out! The stylus that is included is attached to the tablet via a lanyard which appears to be kid-proof so far.

Learning Games

Complete Review of LeapPad Platinum - #leapfrog #leapfrogtablet #leapfrogtabletreview #learningtabletreview #learningtablet #leappadplatinum #leappadplatinumreview #reviewoflearningtablet #momadvice #momtips #momreview

One of the main reasons why you are probably thinking about purchasing this Leappad Platinum is that it is a learning tablet with lots of educational games and activities.

This was a big seller for me, because I didn’t want my daughter having a lot of wasted screen time. With this tablet she is learning about shapes, colors, numbers, counting, and so much more!

I can definitely justify letting her play on this kind of tablet because of this.

There really is no limit to the games your child can play with this tablet!

Great gift for kids of all ages

Leapfrog’s recommended ages are from 3-8 years old, but my 2 year old has really loved this tablet! Just note that a 2 year old can be rough on things, so keep that in mind.

This LeapPad platinum makes a great gift for any kid because it offers a fun way to learn.  Not only that, it can make your child feel important because they can have a tablet just like mommy or daddy.

The games they offer have a variety of age ranges, so it’s sure to be a hit for any holiday gift this season! You can also check out my Christmas Gift Ideas for Toddlers here if you are needing some more ideas for a toddler gift.

When and where to buy the LeapPad Platinum?

Now that I have talked up this awesome tablet, when is the best time to buy it? Well, from my experience, during holiday sesasons, these LeapPad platinums get sold out fast.

It’s not to say you can’t wait until Christmas time, but just know they may be backordered or sold out. If you can, it is better to buy this when it’s not a peak holiday, but you will probably be able to snag a better deal if you shop on say black friday.

Now, on to the where. This LeapPad Platinum is available in a lot of retail stores as well as online stores. If you are a fan of Amazon Prime, like me, you can find it here on Amazon.

Are you sold yet on this fun learning tablet? I know I was, and my daughter just loves it!

The big takeaway is that the Leapfrog LeapPad platinum is packed with features that both kids and parents will like, it has many games to make learning fun, and it is a great gift for kids. Just remember to plan out your purchase accordingly so that they are in stock and you can snag one of these awesome tablets.

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  1. I really like the idea that kids can learn new things and have fun at the same time. When they have fun learning, they’ll want to learn more. This is a good habit to instill in children. Thanks for this great review!

  2. I’ve been looking for a good tablet for my twins. I love that there are so many learning games for this one. Thank you for the great review/info.!

  3. This seems like a quality interactive tablet. Leapfrog has been around so long offering learning products geared towards little ones so I trust this is a stellar educational tablet.

  4. This sounds so awesome. My 4-year-old is starting reception in September and this will be great for him to help with reading and writing. Thanks so much for sharing.

  5. We had an older generation of the leap pad, and loved it. Unfortunately, my kids are slightly destructive and it was no match for them. I love using tablets as learning too,s.

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