How to build self-confidence

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How to Build Self-Confidence - #buildselfconfidence #motivation #confidence

Have you ever wanted to know how to build self-confidence?

Self-confidence has always been something that I lacked. The one place I seemed to have confidence was when I wrote. I suffered from severe anxiety and depression in my adolescence and still, deal with anxiety on a daily basis. Going through therapy, they taught me a few ways to build self-confidence. One way is to write a list of positive traits or characteristics about yourself. Then, when you are having a tough time, look at the list.

Another way to build self-confidence is to find a hobby you enjoy. When we are doing something we love, it makes us feel more comfortable, and confident. Getting better at a project or activity we like doing helps our confidence grow by making us feel accomplished.

Recognize that you are human, and you’re not perfect. Mistakes happen, a speed bump in our life plan, but they are there for a reason. Every wrong turn gives us another lo

How to Build Self-Confidence - #buildselfconfidence #motivation #confidence

ok at our surroundings and helps us to find another way to do something. With recognizing you’re not perfect, also know that nobody is.

Try not to compare yourself. You are unique. There is no one else like you. In our daily lives, we seem to be in competition with each other. It is important to just live your life. No matter where you go, there will always be people who will doubt you. To gain self-confidence, you have to shut out all the negative opinions others have. Stop worrying about what others might think of you. If you always live in fear, you will never know what you could have accomplished.

Self-confidence is not something we are either born with or without. It is acquired like any skill, and with any skill: practice makes perfect[almost].


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