Holiday Gift Guide: Science Gifts

Last updated on October 2nd, 2018 at 09:23 pm

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Holiday Gift GUide: Science Gifts

Does your little one love science? Well these science gifts are sure to make anyone smile! Not only that, they are perfect for any holdiay, or even for whenever because they are also educational.

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Now, onto the science gifts!

Science Gifts for Toddlers (age 2-4)

1. My First Microscope

This fun kids microscope is perfect for your eager little ones to start learning about things that are smaller. This will also help teach them about all the different things in their surroundings. Science gifts like this are what will really make your child smile.

2. Bath Toy Cloud

Did you know science gifts can also be bath toys? This fun little cloud can be used to teach toddlers about water and the production of rain. Not only that, this fun science toy has won a few awards too!

Science Gifts for Kindergarteners-2nd graders (ages 5-7)

1. Pretend Reactor Lab

This is a fun way to teach kids about reactions. They get to mix fifferent liquids together and wath as the colors change and foam up. This particular kit comes with 2 reactor pods that will dissolve into a small collectible figurine when they are doing their experiments. Beaker Creatures has a lot of cool science gifts!

2. Talking Microscope

This talking microscope really ups the science gifts you could give to your son or daughter. Not only can they discover new things, but the microscope will tell them about what they are seeing and other fun facts. This particular microscope comes with 12 different slides of insects so there is plenty to look at and explore!

3. Geodes

This is one of those science gifts that is good for the whole family, although you are going to want to supervise your kids as they are breaking the geodes. This particular kit offers 10 different geodes that you can break open and 3 display stands so they can show off the beautiful crystals within!

4. Bubble Science

Did you know there was a science of bubbles? In this kit, your little one can learn about how to change the shape of bubbles with the frames that are included. 4M has a lot of different science gifts that are perfect for kids of all ages, so when in doubt check out their stuff!

Science Gifts for 3rd graders & 4th Graders (ages 8-9)

1. Solar Rover

Teach your child about solar power with one of these fun science gifts from 4M. No batteries required, and that is hard to find nowadays with any toy!

2. Euler’s Disk

This is a fun and enchanting gift! It uses the science of gravity and holograms to make some amazing sounds and images. This is one of those science gifts that even an adult would love to receive! Your kids will be able to impress their friends with this magical disk!

3. Archaeology Kit

Science gifts can also teach about archaeology. This fun kit by Smithsonian lets your kids dig up a miniature T-Rex as well as 11 different minerals. It comes with all the necessary equipment that an archaeologist would use, including a mallet, wooden chisel, paint brush, and safety goggles. This is certainly a fun gift for the bigger kids!

Science Gifts for 5th graders-8th graders (ages 10-13)

1. Rock Tumbler

This is another one of those science gifts that focuses on rocks and gemstones. This rock tumbler will make any old rock look 100 times better. How it works: you add some rocks and grit to the tumbler and turn it on. Then you will add the polisher. After its all said and done, you won’t recognize the rocks you put in! Fair warning, this is a little noisy when it runs, so place it in a location that won’t bother you!

2. Microscope Kit

This microscope kit is one of the perfect science gifts for your older kids. Not only does it come with a microscope, but also clear slides, a scalpel, tweezers, and even some brine shrimp for studying. What’s cool about this kit is that your young scientist can create their own slides out of things they find. This really helps develope their sense of exploration and wonder!

3. Erector Sets

If you are looking for science gifts that involve imagination as well as mechanical engineering, then try out one of these cool erector sets. These sets come with instructions for building lots of different machines that can really work. There are many different things you can build, and lots of varieties to choose from!

Science Gifts for 9th graders-12thgraders (ages 14-18)

By the time your young scientist has become a teen, they will most likely be interested in something in particular. If they are a fan of using a microscope, you could get them some more slides that are prepared with lots of different things. It they like creating things, you could find some more robotics kits. At this stage in their lives, a gift for them will be something that will accessorize with some of the other science gifts they have that are previously mentioned.

Science Gifts for Adults

Adults like science too! Whether it is a science teacher, professor, or they just like science, here are a few science gifts for them: newtons cradle, a beaker mug, or some fun miniature replicas of a hot air engine!

For whatever holiday or reason, these science gifts are sure to make you science lovers happy! Which gift looks the coolest to you? Leave me a comment below and tell me. Also, don’t forget to pin this so you can always look back at it for future gift ideas!

41 comments on “Holiday Gift Guide: Science Gifts

  1. I’m a big fan of science, so all of these sound great… but I especially like the microscopes! My eldest had a rock tumbler… you’re right, they are *noisy*! But she had so much fun finding different rocks to polish, and learned about hardness and softness of different rocks, and how that affected the end result.

    • I love science too Anna! I actually got this particular rock tumbler when I was younger. I loved it but my parents hated the noise. Aside from the noise, it is really an interesting gadget and fun for everyone!

  2. I need that beaker mug in my life! (By gifts, you meant gifts to yourself, right?) I do love a gift that is both fun and educational. This is a great roundup!

  3. The My First Microscope is so cute! I now know what my three-year-old grandson is getting for Christmas. His mommy is a geologist, so she’ll love it too.

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