High Risk Pregnancy: What you need to know

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High Risk Pregnancy: What you need to know

The term high risk pregnancy actually sounds a lot worse than it is.

High risk pregnancy is when the expecting mother might have underlying health conditions which COULD make pregnancy more difficult.

Here are a few of the things that might classify your pregnancy as a high risk pregnancy:

Pregnant with multiples (twins, triplets, or more)

If you have a history of pre-eclampsia in pregnancy

If you have Depression or Anxiety

If you have High Blood Pressure

If you have Diabetes

If you have any other serious conditions

When will you be diagnosed with high risk pregnancy?

If you have one of the underlying health conditions mentioned above, you might be classified as high risk from the beginning.

You might also start out with a normal pregnancy and later on they will classify you as high risk.

This happens when you develop high blood pressure or gestational diabetes. It can also happen if your baby isn’t growing properly inside.

Either way, just know that you can still have a healthy baby even if your pregnancy is not how you would hope.

How is a high risk pregnancy different than a regular one?

When you are diagnosed with high risk pregnancy, it means you will have more appointments than a regular pregnancy.

With these extra visits, there are also a lot more ultrasounds and sonograms! YAY! More times you get to see baby.

You might also be referred to a Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist who specialized in high risk pregnancy.

Or, your OBGYN will be in contact with a Maternal fetal medicine specialist if they have concerns.

While you might get nervous, just remember that this extra monitoring is to keep both you and baby safe!

High Risk Pregnancy and Delivery

Your doctor will go into greater detail, but with high risk pregnancies come the chance of c-section.

This is because depending on your situation you or your baby will not be well enough to go through a vaginal birth.

Also, depending on why you were classified as high risk, you might have an increased chance of early labor.

Again though, this is not something to worry about yet. Your doctors will do everything they can to keep you all safe!

I have known women who had high risk pregnancies that underwent vaginal births just fine too, so really every person is different.

Talk to your doctor about your concerns

Pregnancy is a wonderful time, but also a scary time for those who are diagnosed with high risk pregnancy.

If you are concerned about something, ask your doctor. Seriously ask them ANYTHING!

It will help you sleep better and worry less which is better for baby…and you!

My story of High Risk Pregnancy

High risk pregnancy was never something I would think I would get. Nobody ever does for that matter.

I was one of those who was diagnosed with it later on with my first pregnancy because of taking Zofran. Also, my daughter had stopped growing inside of me (IUGR).

The second pregnancy, I developed high blood pressure and again my son had stopped growing inside of me.

Both of these pregnancies ended in C-sections and 2 beautiful babies!

In closing, just remember that having a high risk pregnancy can be scary, but your doctors are going to do everything they can to keep you safe.

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