Dad and Baby: How to help them bond

Last updated on December 6th, 2018 at 10:01 pm

Dad and Baby: How to help them bond - #dadandbaby #dad #baby #parenting

Dad and Baby: How to help them bond

Not all dads bond right away with their babies.

If you are reading this, it’s because you need some help with dad and baby!

No fear though, because there are some easy and actionable steps you can take to help them.

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Why is it harder for dad and baby to bond?

One of the first questions you might have is why? Well, that really will depend on every person.

Some dads just don’t bond right away, just like some moms don’t.

It doesn’t mean they don’t love baby, but it just means they need some help!

Did you have a hard or traumatic labor? If so, this could also be why.

Things you can do for dad and baby:

Dad and baby Kangaroo care

We all love cuddling with our new little baby, and dads need to have some one-on-one time too! Let him do skin to skin.

Another thing you can do from the get-go is to let dad be the first one to hold baby, when your baby is born.

After all, you got to carry him inside you for so long and have already created a bond that is like none other.

Both of my kids were held first by my husband (due to c-sections), and while I always envied him, I think it helped the two of them bond.

Try not to be too critical

I get it, we all have OUR way of doing things.

Well, if dad and baby are having trouble bonding, it might be because we as moms are trying to control everything.

I don’t like to admit I’m wrong, but I’m guilty of this too!

Baby Carriers are for Dads too

Along with the kangaroo care, dads should also use the baby carrier too!

That’s why you should try opting for one he can use as well as you.

Check out this baby carrier by Mission Critical on Amazon.

It’s made specifically for men and would make an excellent father’s day gift!

Feeding and playing with Baby

Feeding baby can also be another great way for dad and baby to bond.

Whether you are breastfeeding, bottle feeding, or even formula feeding, make it a point to let dad help you.

Another equally important step for dad and baby is to give them some time to play and interact with each other.

Nothing helps you bond more than when you get your baby to smile or giggle!

So, just remember if dad and baby are having trouble bonding, give them some time to warm up to one another!

Encourage kangaroo care, try not to be too critical, find a baby carrier for dad, and also let him help with feeding baby.

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