Baby Has a Cold: How to Help

Baby Has a Cold: How to Help - #babyhasacold #baby #babysfirstcold

Baby Has a Cold: How to Help

Baby’s first cold is one milestone every parent could do without. Unfortunately, it’s unavoidable. So, when your baby has a cold, how can you help?

Well, there are a few things you can do to help make your baby a little more comfortable during a cold.

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1. Clean Baby’s Nose

Baby has a Cold: How to help - #baby #babysfirstcold #babyhasacold

First, you will want to clean your baby’s nose out frequently with a bulb aspirator or a nose frida, and some saline drops.

The saline drops will help loosen hard snot, so that it can be pulled out easier with the aspirator or nose frida.

2. Lots of Fluids

Whether your baby is still drinking breastmilk/formula or is on to cow’s milk, when baby has a cold, fluids are important to avoid dehydration.

This is also important if your baby also has a fever, as fevers can dehydrate little ones quickly.

3. Keep an eye on fevers

Baby has a Cold: How to help - #baby #babysfirstcold #babyhasacold

Always talk with your baby’s doctor about fevers and when to call them! Typically, they will have reccommendations depending on your baby’s age.

A good pediatricain will also provide you with a Infant Tylenol/Motrin dosage sheet that is safe for your baby.

4. Baby Safe Cough Medicine

Baby has a Cold: How to help - #baby #babysfirstcold #babyhasacold

If your baby has a cold that is make him/her cough quite a bit, you might also look into some baby friendly cough medicine like Zarbee’s.

I wrote an honest review of Zarbee’s baby cough medicine here, that you should check out if you have more questions.

In short, this will help calm the cough so that your little one can sleep easier and is safe for babis 2 months and older.

5. When in doubt, call your pediatrician

Most pediatrician offices will have a nurse line that you can call to direct questions or concerns to. If you call them by a certain time, they will usually get back with you quickly.

This can help save you a trip to the doctor’s office as they can tell you if it’s worth bringing them in or not.

Baby has a Cold: How to help - #baby #babysfirstcold #babyhasacold

Baby has a cold: Items You Will Want

When your baby has a cold, there will be a few items that you will want to have on hand. These were things that after having 2 kids, I learned to always keep in my medicine cabinet.

1.Nose Frida

These are the best product out there to help clean your baby’s nose. Seriously, you will be surprised at how much snot you can get out with this sucker (pun intended). 🙂

2.saline drops

With the nose frida,  you will also want saline drops to help loosen snot and keep your baby’s nose from getting to dry.


It’s important to be able to check your baby’s temperature when baby has a cold.

4. Infant tylenol and infant Motrin

When your baby does have a fever, you will want to have some infant tylenol and infant motrin you help reduce the fever and make baby more comfortable.

5.Zarbee’s Baby Cough Medicine

This is my go-to for when my little ones get coughs. Not only is it safe for baby, it REALLY works!

6. Vicks Vapor rub for baby

When your baby has a cold, vicks baby rub can help your baby sleep easier.

Now you know just what to do if/when your baby has a cold. Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this, please remember to share it on Pinterest!!

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