Awesome Pregnancy Freebies

Last updated on January 12th, 2019 at 12:20 pm

Awesome Pregnancy Freebies - #pregnancyfreebies #freebies #pregnancy

Awesome Pregnancy Freebies

Did you know that there are some amazing pregnancy freebies that a lot of moms don’t know about? A lot of them just require you pay shipping and handling to receive your free products.

In an effort to fully disclose, this article contains affiliate links. This means if you purchase something, I would receive a comission. For more information, see my disclosure page.

Now, let’s get to these awesome pregnancy freebies!

1. Belly Button Bands

Awesome Pregnancy Freebies - #pregnancyfreebies #freebies #pregnancy

These are one of the most useful pregnancy freebies, because you can use these bands to still wear your pre-pregnancy clothes! (YAY!)  I loved mine, and used it when I was pregnant with each pregnancy.

2. Nursing Pillow

Awesome Pregnancy Freebies - #pregnancyfreebies #freebies #pregnancy

Did you know that there is also pregnancy freebies that can score you a free nursing pillow? Well…there is!

When I was pregnant with my first, I opted for the minky dot nursing pillow which only costed me $4.95 plus shipping and handling.

Still cheaper than buying a nursing pillow from Amazon or Target ;).

3. Carseat Canopy

Awesome Pregnancy Freebies - #pregnancyfreebies #freebies #pregnancy

Carseat canopies are perfect for the colder months that you and baby go out and about. These fun canopies are the perfect wind break. These pregnancy freebies also come in a wide variety of colors and designs.

I teamed up with Canopy Couture to get you this incredible deal where all you need to do is pay the shipping after entering in the coupon code: BABY50FREE.

4. Breast Pads

Awesome Pregnancy Freebies - #pregnancyfreebies #freebies #pregnancy

If you plan to breastfeed, these pregnancy freebies are for you! By entering the code, you can get free 10 pairs of breast pads that are machine washable so you can reuse them again and again. Not only that, they have some fun designs you can choose from.

All you have to do is pay shipping.

5. Free Welcome Box From Amazon

Amazon also offers some amazing pregnancy freebies including their free welcome box for starting a baby registry with them!

The welcome box has quite a few goodies and samples for expecting moms, so definitely check them out.

6. Walmart Baby Box

Awesome Pregnancy Freebies - #pregnancyfreebies #freebies #pregnancy

The last pregnancy freebie is offered by Walmart. All you have to do is sign up and pay $5.00 for shipping. Then, they send you out a box of samples and goodies for you and baby!

They also have a toddler box, so your little toddler can feel special too!! 🙂

7. Baby Shoes

Awesome Pregnancy Freebies - #pregnancyfreebies #freebies #pregnancy

Another great freebie for pregnant mamas are these fun and adorable baby shoes! They have sneakers and even some moccasins that are beyond cute.

Seriously, why do baby shoes have to be so darn cute?!

8. Baby Carrier

Awesome Pregnancy Freebies - #pregnancyfreebies #freebies #pregnancy

This next freebie will come in handy when your little one is a little older. Baby carriers that allow you to wear baby are sanity-saving and also a great way to bond with baby!

Seven Slings has some great options and many different varieties to choose from. Using the promo code BABY40FREE you can receive a baby carrier for free or use the $40 towards your purchase of their more advanced carriers!

9. Baby Towel

Awesome Pregnancy Freebies - #pregnancyfreebies #freebies #pregnancy

Pregnancy will fly by, and before you know it your baby will be with you! That’s why this next freebie is a great one to take advantage of to get you prepared for bath time.

You can also read all about how to give baby a bath and make it a more enjoyable experience.

10. Board Books

Awesome Pregnancy Freebies - #pregnancyfreebies #freebies #pregnancy

The last of the pregnancy freebies are some board books! Reading is such an important thing to help your baby learn and grow.

It’s always my favorite thing to do with my kids even as they have gotten older. Check out all the great board books Babys Books has to offer!

Pregnancy is supposed to be an enjoyable time and with these pregnancy freebies, it can really start getting you excited! If you enjoyed reading about these freebies, please remember to share it on Pinterest or Facebook. THANKS!!

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