5 Tips for Growing a Dwarf Lemon Tree

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Last updated on February 12th, 2018 at 08:31 pm

5 Tips for Growing a Dwarf Lemon Tree - www.momwithcookies.com #lemontree #dwarflemontree #indoorgardening #indoorlemontree

The idea of having fresh lemons whenever I want sounded so cool. I purchased one online and had it shipped to me. It arrived in a good condition, as I had never had live plants shipped before [usually went to a local nursery to buy plants.] I quickly potted it, and within the last 3 years, it has bloomed several times, but due to unforseen circumstances, the blooms were never able to fruit lemons [moved 2 times, had 2 kids, and just sheer forgetfulness to water.] I still view this as a huge accomplishment, because I was never too good with keeping things alive in planters.

2 year old lemon tree (left) 3 year old lemon tree (right)

Here’s a few things I learned along the way to help your dwarf lemon tree thrive, or at least survive. 😉


  1. Don’t overwater

I made this mistake early on, and some of the leaves started to fall off. Also, make sure the planter/pot has good drainage. The roots are prone to rotting. I found for the most part about once a week was the right amount.

  1. Sunlight Lover

This tree loves sunlight, but during the winter time it would die if left outside. I found that finding a location inside with a lot of sunlight both direct and indirect help. If this is not an option, a grow lamp would be a thing to buy. This ensures it is getting some sunlight.

  1. Humidity

I have a small spray bottle [maybe 2 inches tall], and I spray a few drops on the leaves every now and then in between watering. This helps the leaves from getting too dried out, as you won’t be watering often. Also, it is especially important in the winter time to do this because running a heater in your house can make the air extremely dry.

  1. Temperature

This tree is tough, as I still have not killed it. The important thing to remember is before it starts getting into the 50 degrees Fahrenheit, I would recommend bringing it indoors. After all, this is a citrus tree and its native environment is a hot and humid climate.

  1. Big enough planter

As I have had my tree for 3 years, I had to changes pots about once. I had it in a medium size planter to start. Some of the leaves started curling up, and the roots were starting to show, so I made the executive decision and transplanted it into a large pot [about 20inches tall].

As always, thank you for reading these 5 tips for growing a dwarf lemon tree. Please comment below, and subscribe for more posts.

Sharing is caring!

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