4 Places for Free Stock Photos

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4 places for free stock photos


Whether you are new to blogging or an established blogger, finding stock images can be challenging. Free stock images can be even more scarce. The important thing you want to look for is that the photo has a creative commons license. Pixabay does a great job of explaining what this means:

“they may be used freely for almost any purpose – even commercially and in printed format. Attribution in appreciated, but not required” – Pixabay

It is important to note that there are a few exceptions even for creative commons photos in that pictures with an identifiable person will require a model release, photos of a brand/company cannot be used to show a fake endorsement by said brand/company, and if the identifiable person in the photo does not appear in a good way then a consent must also be required. As long as you take these precautions, the photos with a creative commons can be altered in any way and used however, just be careful.

That being said, here are my top 4 places to find quality and FREE stock photos for my blog (I also take my own photos, but stock photos can add another level of professionalism to your website).

1. Pixabay

This one is my all time favorite places to find photos to use on my blog. They have some great photos matching the quality of shutterstock, but there are also a lot of adult content photos. It becomes a matter of weeding through to find the golden images. Another reason why I like Pixabay is that they have a handy little plugin for wordpress! This makes adding a photo to a blog much easier.  (YAY!) I included the photographers for the article in the caption, but remember this is NOT required. Here are a look at a few photos from pixabay:


Photo taken by fotownetrza at Pixabay

Photo taken by Engin_Akyurt at Pixabay

Photo taken by kulinetto at Pixabay






2. Stocksnap

This is another great website for finding photos with creative commons licenses. I included the photographers for this article, but with creative commons no attribution is required!

“We curate nothing but the highest quality images from a pool of submissions and feature them on the site free for download.” – Stocksnap

Here are a few of the trending photos at stocksnap:

Photo taken by Andyone at Stocksnap

Photo taken by Dustin Lee at Stocksnap

photo taken by Negative Space at Stocksnap

3. Unsplash

Again this is another website that has creative commons photos. I added who each photo was taken by, but this is not required. Take a look at a few photos offered here:

Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

Photo by Lukas Becker on Unsplash

Photo by rawpixel.com on Unsplash


This website is a little bit smaller and doesn’t offer as large of a variety as the other three, but there are still some great pictures depending on what you are writing your article about. I added the photographer of each photo in the caption, but like I previously stated this is not required. Here are a few of my favorite photos on plixs:

Photo taken by BrookeLark at Plixs

Photo taken by negativespace at Plixs

Photo taken by silviarita at Plixs










Bloggers Guide: 4 Places for Free Stock Photos - www.momwithcookies.com #BlogTips #StockPhotos #FreeStockPhotos

Bloggers Guide: 4 Places for Free Stock Photos - www.momwithcookies.com

Bloggers Guide: 4 Places for Free Stock Photos - www.momwithcookies.com #freestockphotos #placesforfreestockphotos #freequalitystockphotos #bloggerguide #blogadvice #stockphotosforfree













These are just 4 places to find free stock images, but there are many more out there. Just remember to make sure that the photo is a creative commons so you don’t risk having a legal dispute with copyrights. I hope this helps you find some great images that take your blog to the next level. Let me know what you think by commenting below. Also, subscribe for more articles! Thanks!

12 comments on “4 Places for Free Stock Photos

  1. It’s fun to try and take all my own photos for my blog, but I’m not really a photographer, and I don’t have a fancy camera, so I’m not always able to get the effect that I want – it’s great to have a few places where I can check for relevant photos when my own skill fail me – Thanks for the great tips on the special precautions for using the photos – I didn’t know about needing consent from the person.

    • Thanks for reading! When it comes to needing a consent–this is just when it shows a picture of an identifiable person. So, if there face is turned away from the camera, you wouldn’t need a consent.

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