The Reality of Mom Shaming

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Last updated on April 23rd, 2018 at 05:33 am

The Reality of Mom Shaming - #momshaming #parenting #mom #momlifestyle #momwars #mommywars #mommyshaming

The reality of mom shaming

The reality of mom shaming is: we all do it. Rather we are silently judging or vocally, it is wrong. We live in a society where everyone expects us to be the perfect person/mom/wife and if we can’t live up to those expectations we are persecuted. Moms are the worst. Even though we have all gone through some of the same trials, we still judge others as if we have no faults of our own. I think the main problem for this is that we see a snapshot of a person, but we don’t know the back story.

It is easy to look at a mom with kids who are running rampant or throwing a fit in the store, and think: couldn’t she quiet them? What we didn’t see is the back story, that maybe it is nap time so the kids are fussy. Instead of the glares, send her a silent piece of encouragement. It is never fun being the one getting glared at.

One time I was shopping with my husband and my kids, and there was a lady who circled me twice to give me a dirty look. Why? Well, I am guessing because I didn’t put shoes on my 2 year old daughter. Well, if you took a snapshot of the situation it would look like I didn’t care. The backstory was that I put my daughter’s shoes on, but by the time we get to the store she has them off. My husband grabbed her out of the car and I grabbed the car seat with my son. We both forgot to put her shoes back on. We are only human. I wasn’t having my child outside without shoes on but for maybe a minute to be carried into the store. The store is climate controlled, so she was just fine without the shoes on and she wasn’t walking around on the floor. She was riding in the basket. I might be getting a tad defensive, but I just couldn’t believe the audacity that woman had to circle me twice so she could give me a glare.

What did I do? I killed her with kindness. I gave her the biggest smile I could and carried on what I was doing. I don’t like spreading hate or unkindness, because then you are just as bad.

The Reality of Mom Shaming - #momshaming #parenting #mom #momlifestyle

The Reality of Mom Shaming - #momshaming #parenting #mom #momlifestyle

The Reality of Mom Shaming - #momshaming #parenting #mom #momlifestyle







What experiences have you had with mom shaming, and how did you handle them? Please comment below and tell me. Also share and subscribe to my blog for more posts. Thank you for reading the reality of mom shaming! Let’s help end it once and for all.

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