14 Gifts for Car Guys

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14 Gifts for car guys

Men can be hard to shop for, but this list will help narrow down some choices. I had my husband help me with this post because he would be the epitome of a car guy. He suggested these 14 gifts for car guys in your life. He also told me that the brands a lot of guys like are: Snap-on (expensive, but offers life time guarantee), Mac (expensive too), and Craftsman. When in doubt just ask, or take a peek at some of the tools he already has.

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This is kind of generic, but in particular men (ie. my husband) says that two different sets of wrenches are handy to have–by two sets he is referring to a short set and a long set. This wrench set pictured to the left has both of them included. Wrenches can vary in prices depending on the brand, and how many are in the set.

2. Sockets

There are two different kinds of sockets: deep and shallow. There are sockets made for ratchets (pictured to the left), and sockets made for impact guns (pictured in the center). They also offer wiggle sockets (sometimes called flex sockets) which are handy tools for maneuvering in hard to reach spots. The most common sockets are 1/4″ drives.

3. Extensions

This is another accessory to a ratchet and aids in getting in tight areas or allows someone to reach a little bit farther with their socket as they only make sockets so long.

4. Creepers

I will never understand how they came up with the name, but this allows for someone to lay on their back and roll under a car while working. It would make an excellent gift and why it makes it to the list of 14 gifts for car guys!

5. Toolbox

This is a great idea to hold all those tools he has. Not only that, it helps organize tools so that you can find the tool you are looking for easily. There are small, medium, and large tool boxes. This is a great thing to look for at garage sales too. I found a Craftsman toolbox in almost new condition like the one pictured below for about $20 and if bought new would have been around $50. Some of the popular brands are Snap-on, Mac, Cornwell, and Craftsman.

6. Work Table/Bench

When my husband is out tinkering on his trucks/cars, he inevitably uses his work bench. Having a table out in the garage or workshop dedicated to his stuff is nice because if he has to stop and run to the auto parts store-he can leave everything sitting.

7.Flashlight/Work Light

Working outside, or on a car with a dimmly lit underhood light, a work light or even a small pin light can make all the difference. There are so many different varieties including a treble light that is plugged into an outlet, and also a wireless light that uses the rechargeable battery pack. When it comes to flashlights, there are large ones and small ones. It really becomes a matter of preference here.

8. Jack & Jack Stands

A jack is important for lifting up a car to change oil, tire, or just lifting it up to be able to get underneath your car easier. Jack stands let you keep your car lifted up and is more for a long-term solution for lifting the car/truck. The jack lifts the car and then you would put the jack stands in, this makes it safer to have at least 3 points of contact holding up the vehicle. Craftsman offers a good bundle on Amazon that includes a creeper, jack, and jack stands for about $280. There are also bundles of just jackstands and jacks.

9. Vice

A vice is an accessory to a work bench. This holds something steady enough to be able to pry, cut, grind, hold something hot, or press something. It is essentially like another set of hands.

10. Air Compressor

This has so many uses, it would be hard to name them all. From airing up tires, to cleaning out vacuum cleaners, this is a must have for a car guy.

11. Battery Charger

Ever had a car that wouldn’t start due to a dead battery? Well, this beauty would help you to charge that battery so your plans aren’t ruined. Most chargers can be used on cars/trucks/boats/lawn mowers/motorcycles.

12. Diagnostic Tool

This would be a good tool for newer vehicles that helps with diagnosing problems and can tell you what is triggering a check engine light. Some of the more expensive models go into greater detail about what the problem is, while the cheaper versions give you a code for the general problem to look up online. The diagnostic tool pictured below and to the right runs about $500, but it offers a full system diagnosis and essentially has all the bells and whistles.

13. Powerwasher

This is a gift that is on the pricier side of things. It is nice because you can wash a car, and get a clean like out of an automatic car wash. It is also good for cleaning off stubborn stain in concrete left by oil or transmission fluid.

14. Car Lift

Car lift at our old house, as you can see, not the best place to install a car lift.







This is more of a gift if you have the space (and lots of it) and money. While it might not be realistic for most people, it is still a gift that I am sure most car guys don’t have. When my husband and I bought our first house, the sellers left a car lift inside the detached garage, and before we sold our house we removed it. It was actually strange that there was ever a car lift in that garage, because it did not have a tall enough ceiling. At some point, we will install it in a new workshop, but that is a long time in the future. They definitely come in handy, but like I previously mentioned, you need ALOT of space.

14 Gifts for Car Guys - www.momwithcookies.com #giftguide #giftsforhim #giftsforguys






Thanks for reading 14 Gifts for Car Guys! I hope it helps you pick out that special gift he is going to love. Don’t forget to comment, share, and as always subscribe for more sweet advice from one mom to another.

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